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Thank God that yet again our nation has assembled a duo that evokes strong following like Abiola & Kingibe did in 1992/93. The APC duo of Buhari/Osibajo are men of unrivaled integrity, their strongest enemies cannot remove from that reality nor can the hate by Jonathanians taint their credibility.

Whilst unveiling the GEJ campaign in Lagos, I heard the President’s jester Doyin Okupe who had the temerity to compare a Separatist/Sectional President Goodluck Jonathan with Jesus Christ, Doyin forgets that there is always a limit to luck. Doyin talked about the need to continue with the Nigeria of the now rather than going back to the Nigeria of the 80s. Curiously the Chairman of the event Richard Akinjide is in his 80s about 10years older than Buhari; the Chairman of GEJ’s Presidential Declaration jamboree that took place a day after almost 100 kids were barbecued in Yobe by the Haramists, Bello Haliru is in his 80s, Anenih in his 80s, Edwin Clark in his 80s & before politics tore them apart rather recently Bamanga Tukur is over 80years. Truth be said the PDP is a Party of Old horses & turks, their contentious primaries yet wreaks of bad blood telling the level of individualism & selfishness that underscores the character of that Party.

GEJ has made corruption and fraud States-craft and elevated lying and perfidy to State Art. This regime yet pays subsidy for fuel even when everywhere in the world the price of fuel is falling since the steady drop in global Oil price, in Cotonou from 435CFA fuel price has fallen to 255CFA but in Jona’s Nigeria nothing changes. Sad.

_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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