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#OtvOPINIONS: #GEJSpeaks- President Jonathan’s goal is to eliminate hunger in the country



by Kolapo Olapoju
In today’s edition of his daily report of track record on
Facebook, President Goodluck Jonathan says the primary
objective of his administration is to reduce poverty and
hunger in the country.
He wrote: “As President, my goal is to work hard so that
no citizen is hungry. We are making progress in
eliminating hunger. The report from GHI corroborates our
own records which show that our food import bill has
reduced from 1.1 Trillion Naira in 2009 to 634 Billion
Naira in 2014 and falling.
Jonathan said he was excited about the statistics of the
International Food Policy Research Institute, which shows
that the country is making progress on the annual Global
Hunger Index.
He also noted that his administration has been able to
reduce hunger by sidelining the middle men and
empowering 14 million Nigerian farmers (of which 2
million are women) with fertilizers directly.
“We are not only reducing hunger in our nation, we are
also reducing our dependence on foreign nations for our
food security while at the same time creating wealth at
the grass roots of Nigeria,” he added.
Meanwhile, on Monday, January 26, Jonathan also
promised Nigerians that they will not be governed by
He made the pledge during the Peoples Democratic Party
presidential rally held at the Metropolitan Square, Ilorin,
Kwara State.
He said: “My message to you is that we will work with
you to ensure that Nigerians are free. We will ensure that
you are not governed by intimidation.”
“You must be able to express yourself without fear of
intimidation. That is why I signed the Freedom of
Information Act. We will not allow a situation where
Nigerians will think they are in a zoo where small animals
are afraid of the big ones.”

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