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#OtvOPINIONS: Gen. Buhari to the rescue?



If Tompolo, a militant/ terrorist, is now in charge of
the security of our Maritime, then it’s time for real
change in our political direction.
It’s rather unfortunate that Nigeria, a country of
over 170m would relegate its military force to
second fiddle and allow a known terrorist to handle
the security of the nation’s maritime.
Tompolo’s company, Global West Vessel Services,
has just bought its seventh warship for the security
of our maritime at the expense of the Nigerian Navy
and other security agents in the nation.
I have not read former President Obasanjo’s newly
released memoirs, “My Watch”, but it’s obvious that
he has every reason to regret his actions while in
Every rational thinking Nigerian is aware that
President Jonathan is doing the best of his ability
and, pushing him to exceed his ability may not be
that easy. Unfortunately, the best of his ability might
not be what is necessarily good for Nigeria.
I am equally of the opinion that if Jonathan
Goodluck has rational people around him, with good
intention toward a united future for Nigerians, he
would have reconsidered some of his unrealistic
Nigeria is at war with Boko Haram; an insurgent
group, which Mr President, himself, has
acknowledged the presence of saboteurs, as his
core reason for the persistent insecurity in the
If these saboteurs are greater than our military
intelligence, then we surely need a new commander-
In his acceptance speech two weeks ago, President
Jonathan finally admitted that there is corruption in
Nigeria. He had hitherto denied any form of
corruption but mere theft. If he is voted in February
2015 to continue to lead the nation, he promises to
fight corruption this time. This is a paradox. From
denial to acceptance within a few months shows
inconsistency of policy and lack of the required
knowledge of the governed.
The President’s party, the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) is a symbol of corruption in every real
sense of the word. Every election under PDP is
rigged; party leaders at every level of government
are corrupt and lawless. No single PDP contestant
has won a clean election to any political post since
the inception of democracy in 1999. Election results
are always manipulated to favour individuals with
more financial or political influence in the
constituency, usually with the consent of the party
heavyweights at the centre. It is therefore difficult
for Nigeria to change its corruption syndrome under
the same regime.
The war against insecurity is mere lip service;
saboteurs are the same perpetrators of the scourge,
and since everyone is profiting from the lingering
terrorism, there will never be an end to insecurity
under the same government. Profiteering from the
blood of the dead has consequences; but only the
wise would realise this adage.
Another four years in the life of a nation might not
sound much, but at the current rate of unstoppable
bomb explosions everywhere in the northern part of
Nigeria, few human beings will survive until the
2019 elections.
The PDP has shown that it is incapable of leading
Nigeria to a safe destination, where unity and
economic prosperity for all will reign.
After fourteen years of poor leadership and very bad
governance, it’s time for change.
The level of divide among Nigerians is
unprecedented; South- South, Niger Delta, North,
and so forth are clear signs of a polarised polity, a
society without unity.
In just five years of this administration, Nigeria has
witnessed more regional and tribal sentiments than
any other government in the history of this nation.
Goodluck’s humble beginning which every Nigerian
can relate with, would have shaped his leadership
qualities, but he has allowed greedy and misleading
clowns to dictate the future of Nigeria for him. This
government is merely serving the interest of a few
cronies whose ultimate desire is to loot available
public resources. And, in the name of divide and
rule, they have established a parallel regime to serve
those considered as the rightful owners of Nigeria’s
oil deposits.
If Tompolo’s company is now bigger and more
effective in curbing oil theft in the Niger Delta area,
then the escalating daily crude oil theft of about
400,000 barrels would have subsided by now, but
the contrary. Still, Mr President’s kinsmen are more
important to him than the majority of Nigerians
whose lives are under threat by terrorists.
Good governance is an indeterminate term used in
international development literature to describe how
public institutions conduct public affairs and
manage public resources. Governance is “the
process of decision-making and the process by
which decisions are implemented (or not
implemented)”. The term governance can apply to
corporate, international, national, local governance
or to the interactions between other sectors of
The concept of “good governance” often emerges
as a model to compare ineffective economies or
political bodies with viable economies and political
bodies. The concept centres on the responsibility of
governments and governing bodies to meet the
needs of the masses as opposed to select groups in
society. Liberal democratic states, concentrated in
Europe and the Americas, are often used to set the
standards to compare to other states’ institutions
when talking about governance.
General Buhari’s victory in the just concluded
primaries under All Progressive Alliance (APC) is a
testimony to his honest character and a symbol of
hope for a hopeless society. Nigeria’s economic/
social situation has deteriorated so badly that it is
almost impossible for a new government to salvage
it in the first four years of assuming office, but a
positive redirection or change of course towards
clearer skies would suffice for now. General Buhari
and his party should save Nigeria from PDP’s
corrupt regime.

This article was Written by Daniel Omale and had been featured in Opinions.Ng

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