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I must say that most times when we allude to old age as a minus, regarding the change we seek, in a generation where lucre & quick fixes sways loyalty, what we need first is a return to lost values. Like Lee Kwan Yew said in his book FROM A THIRD WORLD TO A FIRST WORLD ECONOMY ‘the first thing to fix is corruption, the second thing to fix is corruption & the third thing to fix is corruption, once you fix corruption the people will begin to take responsibility both for their families & the state, then state growth & development becomes a given’. To restore lost values & begin a proactive fight against corruption Buhari fits the bill. He is old & like the concept of a dying man’s declaration in Law, he will not be scared to ruffle the feathers of the corrupt politricktians around. In 6yrs GEJ has handed over the ship of state to big self-centered businessmen & corruption drives the nation, all indices of growth are convoluted because such statistics cannot stand. Do you remember the global meltdown was the result of corruption & impunity in Wallsteet whilst the Main-street suffered, GEJ will plunge us into deeper economic mess before long & we shall come bare face with reality, what we need NOW is to fight corruption, & Buhari fits the card, once we defeat corruption we shall discover that with 30% of the funds budgeted every year we shall have more development than we have seen in 10yrs. Deep thinking will save us, I’m not daft nor am I ashamed to say Buhari fits the present imperative, I ran for the office of the  President as a 40year old in 2011 because I believe that my generation can & should BUT believe me the rot that presently exists needs more than just youth to tackle, a man of Buhari’s antecedents is prime. Disagree or agree what I have laid bare is the TRUTH, I’m not a Buharist nor do I belong to the APC but I’m ready to lead an INDEPENDENT CAMPAIGN FOR BUHARI God-willing.

_Prof Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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