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#OtvOPINIONS: On presidential assent by Gabriel Ipheghe



Presidential assent is a part of the law making process,
which the President can withhold for justifiable reasons.
Until the content of the draft amendments to the
constitution and the reasons given by the President for
withholding his assent are put in the public domain,
arguments for or against the action of the President remain
But what the President could have done is to assent to
provisions that are not offensive to existing provisions or
considered by him to be obnoxious – such as making
pension for legislators as a constitutional provision rather
than as an Act of Parliament. Presidential assent to
amendments should not be global.
Let the National Assembly publish its amendments and the
full content of the President’s refusal to assent, for the
public to make informed judgment between the two sides.

Gabriel Ipheghe,
206 Road, FESTAC Town, Lagos State,
+2348022920 .

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