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GENRE: Romantic Thriller


No woman ever wants to play second fiddle but insecurities make women settle for less and their insecurities starts everyday with a mirror. The way they perceive themselves when they look into the mirror daily determines how their lives will turn out.


Most women are not aware of their self worth. They have no idea what value they carry and they let present situations or past happenings define who they are.


There is no difference between a queen and a maid; perspective differentiates them both because a queen can be treated as a maid and a maid as a queen depending on their personalities.


So don’t be deceived, it is how a woman presents herself to the world they would treat her and if she gives people, the slightest idea that she doesn’t mind settling for less; well, people will treat her that way.


Elizabeth is immature in handling her emotions. She can’t understand why she should be treated in such an unkind manner. She tries to place where she got it all wrong and still couldn’t see her mistakes. So, she blames it on Jude.


Jude is the one who has made her turn out like this, put her in this situation and left her by herself.


She won’t be forgotten.


In her anger, she destroys everything her hands can reach… Things Jude bought for her. When she first had them she felt loved but now, she sees them as the price he paid to take everything else from her.


She picks up her phone and dials Mrs. Oyemade’s number.


Mrs Oyemade and Sandra have become close over the months. They spend time together and Sandra has learnt from the retired nurse who has tutored her first, on how to keep a marriage, to how to get pregnant and how to be healthy during pregnancy.


Mrs. Oyemade is married to Jamal for twenty years and she knows her husband still has eyes for her any day, anytime. At forty-eight years old, she still looks good. Sandra marvels at what a woman who is not so affluent can have the world in her feet.


Daily grooming, she tells Sandra and never let you go for no reason.


Mrs. Oyemade tells Sandra that men are lonely creatures and women should never leave alone. Plus, sex is not the only way to fill a man’s loneliness. Although it is vital in a marriage but other factors as communication, food and respect are important.


Communication is important so let your husbands’ know they can trust you with information and a woman should have her husband’s back no matter what. Even when the woman does things to disobey him, the woman should make him understand it is for his good; like the way she got this job although Jamal doesn’t consent to it.


Spontaneity is very crucial. Don’t drag him into your mood swings and expect him to understand, instead let your husband perceive you as happy at all times. He will want to come home to you and forgive your wrongs. Sandra listens and applies all she has learnt in her marriage and she has seen Jude’s attitude change towards her for good but she doesn’t know how to ask Mrs. Oyemade what to do to win a cheating husband back because she is embarrassed to tell her maid her husband is cheating on her despite all the lessons she has gotten.


Sandra doesn’t see Mrs. Oyemade as a maid but a friend. So, it is not unusual to find Sandra downstairs in the Kitchen with Mrs. Oyemade most times.


“I like the way you and Jamal connect.”. Sandra tells Mrs. Oyemade

“Well, it’s been just the two of us for 20 years. I think we had no choice but to connect.”Mrs Oyemade replies

“You were never insecure that your bore him no children?” Sandra asks

“I am insecure but I have never showed it. I keep it to myself and cry my eyes out when he is not home but when I know he will be back, I put on a happy face.” Mrs Oyemade tells Sandra

“I wish I can be like that in 20 years. You two act like you met. Even when you fight, it’s romantic.” Sandra remarks


Mrs. Oyemade wants to respond when her phone rings, she sees the caller ID reads Elizabeth so she excuses herself from the Kitchen. Mrs. Oyemade can’t wait to pay off Elizabeth all they owe because she won’t continue to betray Sandra.


“Hello” Mrs Oyemade answers the call

“He is a dead man. I will kill him with my bare hands.” Elizabeth threatens

Mrs. Oyemade is confused. Elizabeth is not in a right state of mind and her medical experience kicks in.


“Calm down Elizabeth. You are upset and you should rest.” Mrs Oyemade tells Elizabeth


Elizabeth sobs. “I will kill him, I swear.” Elizabeth mutters as her child cries in the background and she cuts the phone.

“Hello, Elizabeth” Mrs Oyemade still on the phone says until she realizes that the call is disconnected.

Sandra walks in and asks “Who is that?”

“Um, it is Jamal. I couldn’t hear what he is saying.” Mrs. Oyemade lies


Maybe because he is drunk again, Sandra thinks in her mind but doesn’t say it. That is the flaw she sees in their marriage, Jamal’s constant drunkenness.

I have a cheating husband and Mrs. Oyemade has a drunken husband; no relationship can be perfect, she concludes in her mind and consoles her as she heads upstairs to rest.


Mrs Oyemade dials Elizabeth’s number but its switched off.


The next morning, two policemen dressed in uniforms are seen at Sandra’s premises. Sandra is alarmed; she prays nothing terrible has happened to her husband and didn’t ask the man to hurt Jude, just follow him and confirm suspicions of infidelity are her instructions to the man but she knew the man has done nasty things in the past and hopes her husband is not one of his casualties. Sandra goes down the staircase as fast as she could while Mrs. Oyemade comes out of her room downstairs. They both go to the front door.


“Good morning officers, What is the problem?” Sandra asks as she opens the door

“Ma, we are looking for Mrs. Oyemade, who works here.” One policeman says

Sandra is relieved to find out Mrs. Oyemade is the reason they are here and not her.

“Yes, I am Mrs. Oyemade.” Mrs. Oyemade informs them

“Ma, take a sit for the news we bring.” the policeman continues

“I am well composed; tell me what the problem is.” Mrs. Oyemade responds

“I am sorry ma but your husband is found dead by a neighbour in his apartment. His body is at the General hospital morgue, we will need you to come and identify his body and…” The policeman stops because Mrs. Oyemade faints on the floor saying “What has Elizabeth done?” before she hits the floor.


Sandra makes enquiries from the policemen while she calls an ambulance that rushes Mrs. Oyemade to the hospital.


The policeman tells Sandra signs on the body show that Jamal is strangled to death but Mrs. Oyemade will have to allow an autopsy to verify the cause of death so they know if a homicide or suicide.


Mrs. Oyemade awakes hours later lying on a hospital bed without opening her eyes. She notices she is attached to machines; a drip and a heart monitor because she tries to move her hands but is restricted. She tries to panic, but she feels a soft touch on her. She opens her eyes to see Sandra by her bedside telling her to calm down then Sandra let’s go of her hand and goes to fetch a doctor.


Minutes later, a female doctor with a badge named “Chioma” walks into the room with Sandra.


“Mrs. Oyemade, you are awake?” Chioma asks

“Where am I? “Mrs Oyemade replies with another question

“General hospital” Chioma replies

“Why?” Mrs. Oyemade asks

Chioma walks to her bed and pulls a clipboard off the edge of her bed.

“Looking at this chart… You fainted and your pressure increased more than normal, this news is not good for your baby.” Chioma says

Sandra and Mrs. Oyemade both call out “Baby?”

“Yes Mrs Oyemade, you are 2months pregnant.” Chioma tells her

“I can’t be. I can’t have children doctor.” Mrs. Oyemade tells Chioma

“Well, God works in mysterious ways we doctor don’t understand. You will need bed rest because of your pressure and since this baby your first child, you will need to be more careful.”

Chioma tells Mrs. Oyemade as she drops the chart and leaves the room.


Sandra rushes to Mrs. Oyemade’s side as they both hold hands and Mrs. Oyemade prays, thanking God for a miracle despite her loss.



“After 20 years, I get to carry my child.” Mrs. Oyemade tells Sandra

“You have become my partner in crime,” Sandra jokes

“Thank you for everything.” Mrs. Oyemade tells Sandra

“Why are we friends?” Sandra replies “We will have so much fun together. Shop for our babies, prepare the baby’s rooms. Now that Jamal is gone, you are not just a friend but family.”Sandra tells Mrs Oyemade bringing back memories

Mrs. Oyemade looks away to cry

“Is he dead? Is Jamal dead?”She asks

Sandra nods Yes, apologetic for bringing her late husband.

“I can hire a private investigator that can help us find the culprit.” Sandra offers

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Mrs. Oyemade wants to tell Sandra to let it go when Chioma walks into the room.


“I have allowed your discharge Mrs. Oyemade you can leave anytime you want but I recommend bed rest for the next two weeks to lower your blood pressure.”Chioma recommends

“Thank you, doctor.” Mrs. Oyemade and Sandra say in unison.

“Chioma, just call me Chioma.” Chioma tells them and steps out of the hospital room to her office.

As she walks into her office, Jude strolls past it heading for the ward where Mrs. Oyemade is placed.

“I came as fast I could.” he tells them as he enters the room

“Good, you can take us home because Mrs. Oyemade is just discharged.” Sandra replies

“Mrs. Oyemade, I am so sorry for your loss.” Jude says

“Well, she has good news too” Sandra cuts in, not allowing Mrs. Oyemade speak


Jude looks confused


“Mrs Oyemade is pregnant!” Sandra announces and feels the urge to urinate at the same time.

“You are pregnant? Congratulations!” Jude tells Mrs. Oyemade

“Thank you” Mrs Oyemade replies

“Talking pregnancies has made me want to pee. By the time


I come back, we should head home o.” Sandra announces as she excuses herself to pee rushing out of the room. Her bladder since she got pregnant has a mind of its own so if she doesn’t hurry, she might embarrass herself.

As Sandra steps out, Mrs. oyemade shouts.“Elizabeth killed him!”. “She killed my Jamal,”

“shhhhhhhhhh…. Calm down Mrs. Oyemade.” Jude tells her

“Elizabeth couldn’t have killed Jamal.” Jude reassures her

“She did it… She called me to tell me she would kill him.”Mrs Oyemade tells Jude “and with all due respect, she will pay.” Mrs Oyemade continues

“Calm down Mrs. Oyemade. Don’t talk revenge; do you want Sandra to hear you? Sandra is fond of you and you should concentrate on making sure she never finds out what you know of Elizabeth and I, how you kept it a secret from her. Now Jamal is gone, you and your baby will need a place to stay and Sandra and I can offer a home for you as long as you keep your mouth shut.” Jude warns


Jude knew that the language expectant mothers understood were the promise of care for them and their unborn child. It worked on Elizabeth and he was sure it will work on Mrs. Oyemade.

Mrs. Oyemade fell silent. Jude was right

“Good. I hope we understand each other?” Jude asks

Mrs. Oyemade nods in agreement

“Trust me, Elizabeth is selfish and childish but she is no murderer.” Jude continues but stops talking because Sandra walks inside the room

“What are you two discussing?” Sandra asks not knowing why she asked

“Mrs. Oyemade needs to be pampered until she recovers.” Jude tells Sandra

“Off course, I have that sorted out. We are both going to my father’s house until Mrs. Oyemade is in good shape.” Sandra informs Jude


Jude doesn’t oppose, he needs time alone to think everything that is happening and how best he will handle the problem because as usual Elizabeth lets her emotions get the best of her and she has done something stupid; threatening to kill him not knowing that a murder has been committed. He hopes for her sake that Mrs. Oyemade is the only person she called to make those threats


As they leave the hospital, Sandra makes a mental note to thank the doctor that attended to them. What was the doctor’s name? She asks Mrs. Oyemade who doesn’t remember. Jude carries Mrs. Oyemade’s bag and helps her into the car while Sandra thanks the doctor. She returns to the car, wears her seat belt and announces “The doctor’s name is Chioma. I can’t believe I forgot the name”. As she mentions the name Jude chokes.

“Are you okay dear?” Sandra asks

“I will be fine. Um, jet lag from the journey.” Jude lied


That name still haunts him after so many years.


“The journey” Jude reminds Sandra, so she makes another mental note to find out from the man she sent to follow Jude the outcome of the journey.





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