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Sometimes, taking charge of emotions and not letting it control your actions can save lives but if not, lives can be destroyed by our inability to control our emotions. Most times, the selfish decisions we make without thinking of the consequences of our actions are often disastrous for not only us but everyone around us.


The next day after their journey from the hospital, Sandra and Mrs. Oyemade have packed their luggage and are ready to go. They sit in the living room waiting for Jude to drive them to Sandra’s father house.


Jude is set; he comes downstairs but remembers he needs to head to the police station. Mrs. Oyemade had allowed an autopsy and Jude who is curious to find out what happened to Jamal takes it upon himself to follow up on the case.


He remembers he needs to take documents along as requested by the officer in charge. So he drops his phones on the centre table in the living room and begs for 2 minutes.


“Jude, we have a massage appointment in 1 hour. I will hate to miss it.” Sandra calls out as Jude heads back upstairs.

Jude’s phone rings on the table in the living room where

Sandra and Mrs. Oyemade are sitting so Sandra reaches for the phone.


There is no caller ID.


Elizabeth had bought a new sim card and registered earlier. She had to take that action because Jude was not picking her calls.


The idiot is not picking my calls because he knows it’s me. She thinks.


She contemplates to make the phone call and makes the call, dialling the number and a woman picks after the third ring.


“Hello” Sandra speaks

Silence… Then


“Hello. Um, good afternoon, please can I speak with Jude?” Elizabeth asks

“This is Jude’s pregnant wife. He went upstairs to grab something quick. Who am I speaking with please?” Sandra responds with another question

“A friend of the family,” Elizabeth says

“Okay, friend of the family who has no name. Do you want to drop a message?” Sandra asks


Elizabeth cuts the phone.


“How rude” Sandra remarks.

Jude walks into the living room.

“Who was that on the phone?” Jude asks

Sandra hands the phone to him and says “Why don’t you find out yourself.” as she grabs her luggage and heads to the car.


Mrs. Oyemade watching the whole scene guesses Elizabeth and whispers “Elizabeth” to Jude. Jude gets angry and his countenance changes as switches off his phone.


That is the last straw. Elizabeth has started a war and Jude hopes she is well equipped to fight the battle




“Pregnant!” Elizabeth screams after cutting the phone conversation.

“His wife is pregnant. That explains everything!” Elizabeth talks to herself

“The idiot, his wife gets pregnant and he comes to get rid of me. How convenient but I cannot be forgotten. I will not be forgotten.” She continues speaking to herself and sobs.


Elizabeth spends the whole day crying and talking to her alone. She had dropped her son off in a crèche that morning. Mrs. Oyemade is right; Elizabeth wasn’t in a right state of mind.



Five men sit in a conference room deliberating on business issues. Amongst them are Chief-Sandra’s dad- and Jude’s father.


They need to come up with a decision fast. The Merge of both businesses was a good idea, but the bank is still in debt. Jude’s father still owned majority of shares and he had made bad decisions that had further put the bank in more trouble.

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“We have to make up our minds,” Jude’s father informs them but he was specifically referring to Chief who has been making things difficult since the merger

“Why don’t you trust me Chief?” Jude’s father asks

“No offense but this meeting is strictly business and we might be in-laws but when we come to this boardroom, we are partners and I do not agree with what you are proposing. We have to keep integrity here. That is why customers come to us. Isn’t it?” Chief informs Jude’s father and asks other board members who just look away.


“Yes, off course integrity is important.” Jude father says rolling his eyes. “But if we do not act fast on this, we will lose it all.

Everything we spent our lives building. Our legacies will be forgotten and then what? Will we spend the rest of our lives living on integrity?” Jude father asks and most board members respond “No”.


“We are guaranteed more than one hundred percent profit back on investments if we just do this little extra business on the side. What else can we ask? If you are not comfortable, you can pull out now and sell your shares to someone who is more competent,” Jude father finishes.


Chief and Jude’s father are the same age group. They went to school together and after university, they both set up their businesses. They have been friends but with many frictions and bad side effects. Chief never held Jude’s father in high esteem, but he endured their relationship because of its many benefits.


He realizes as he sits in that board meeting that he is getting too old to continue keeping up an act of friendship.

The truth is Jude’s father has taken so much from him using their relationship to his advantage.


Although the merger was Chief’s idea, he knew merging is the only way he could get his money back and grow his business but he is aware of the downside.


The downside is what he is experiencing at the boardroom. Jude’s father is corrupt and corrupt people get their hands dirty. Dirty is a game Chief tries to avoid in business and Chief is beginning to regret his idea of a merger.


“Let us give you time to think it through Chief,” Jude’s father announces and calls the meeting to an end.

The conference room door opens and Jude’s father walks out with chief walking behind him. Chief has an angry face on as he leaves the building.


“How is Sandra doing?” Jude’s father calls out behind Chief

“Aaaaaarrrghh. I forgot she is coming over today.” Chief responds

“Is something wrong?” Jude’s father asks

“Don’t you know?” Chief asks Jude’s father who looks confused


“Sandra-maid’s husband is murdered, and the wife finds out she is pregnant at 48 years old. She gets a panic attack, and the doctor recommends bed rest for her, so Sandra wants to spend 2 weeks with me while our maids pamper them both.” Chief responds


Jude’s father laughs.


“Interesting” Jude’s father says

“Your daughter has very expensive taste. You should agree on this deal chief so that you can afford to foot the bill she will bring in two weeks.” Jude father continues

“We will talk about that later.” chief says and walks towards his car.


Jude’s father picks up his phone and dials the man’s number.


“Come to my office in the next hour. We have issues to resolve.”

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Jude’s father tells the man and cuts the phone walking back into the bank’s building.



The man’s name is Akin. At least, that is the name he calls himself these days. With no true identity, he used to be in the military until he is kicked out for forging documents; SSCE, Birth certificate fake.


Ever since, he has been doing jobs based on referrals both good as a bodyguard, bad as a political thug and bad as a killer.

One day, a bad job went very bad and Akin is caught. He is denied trial because there was no need for one and no one will spend money on a lawyer for him. Akin is thrown into jail for life imprisonment in Adamawa State.


6months later, Akin sets the administrative block of the prison on fire. No one knows how the fire started and reports said few staff sustained injuries and prisoners were in their cell. They lied.


The fire was a diversion for Akin to escape.


On his way out, one of the prison guards caught in the fire was choking and asking for help because he couldn’t move his legs.

Akin ran past him, not looking back and rushes for an exit. He runs out into the street, sees a palace guard in a palace near the prison, beats him up and takes his clothes.


Akin walks to a bus park steal someone’s wallet and buy a ticket back to a city in the south-west region.

The next morning, he alights from the bus and heads straight for a micro finance bank but security men at the bank refuse to let him in when he asks to meet with the owner.


Akin waits at the gates of the bank until late in the evening when Jude’s father had closed for the day.


“Jardon” Akin calls out

Jude’s father stops in his tracks and looks back. No one calls him that name since his university days.


He cites Akin and asks him to get into the car. As the driver drives, Akin is in the back sit with his mentor and former cult member.


“It is good to see you, Laski. Although I heard you were in jail.” Jude’s father says

“They let me out early for good behaviour.” Akin tells Jude’s father

“Hmmm interesting, how may I help you?” Jude’s father asks

“I need a job,” Akin responds

“As always eh” Jude’s father asks


Akin nods


“Okay, you can work for me. I need someone whom I can trust to watch my back.” Jude’s father says

“I am expensive.” Akin tells Jude’s father

“Yes, I know but everyone has a price.” Jude’s father responds


That was the start of a new relationship.

The next day as Jude’s father walks into the bank, he is seen with Akin at his right-hand side walking alongside him with a black piece of well-cut piece suit and nice shoes, leaving the security men confused.




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