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GENRE: Romantic Thriller


Chapter 12

A year before Jamal’s death, Akin is sitting in Chief’s office.


Since the merger, Akin has been working for both Jude’s father and Chief. He is mostly a body-guard for Chief who thinks his competitors are trying to kill him.


Chief’s secretary announces he has a visitor.


“Who” Chief asks, and the secretary responds “Jamal Oyemade”

“Okay, let him come.” Chief tells his secretary.


As Jamal walks into the office, Akin steps out.


“Jamal, how are you and your wife?” Chief asks

“We are fine. Thank you,” is Jamal response

“So, how may I help you?” Chief asks

“I have information for you sir but it will cost you.” Jamal says as he sits opposite chief


Chief laughs.


“What information?” Chief asks

“It is about Jude. I tried telling your daughter, but she seems hard-headed,” Jamal tells him

“Jamal, the only reason I accommodate you because I know your wife takes good care of my daughter. I will not allow you come in here and insult Sandra.” Chief informs Jamal

“The information will save your daughter’s life.”Jamal says “Jude has a secret he is hiding,” Jamal continues

“We all have secrets. I have known that boy since he was little…. So tell me what you want in exchange for this information?” Chief asks


“Money” Jamal replies



“I need money to settle debts that took everything I own,” Jamal continues

“I am not interested.” Chief tells him

“Your daughter has had two miscarriages, hasn’t she? Well, what if I told you I am familiar with the culprit for those miscarriages.” Jamal tells Chief

“I am listening,” Chief responds as he leans forward

“No more… I won’t say another word until you give me money,” Jamal tells Chief


Chief laughs.


“How much is your asking price?” Chief asks

“Five Hundred Thousand naira,” Jamal responds

“Only?” Chief asks

“Yes” Jamal says

“Okay, let me think about the offer and get back to you.” Chief tells Jamal who stands up, brings out a piece of paper and writes his number and address handing it over to Chief

“That’s my contact. Do not take too long in contacting me,” Jamal says

“I won’t.” Chief tells Jamal


That was the last time anyone ever saw or heard from Jamal. As Jamal leaves Chief’s office, Akin steps inside the office.

Jude’s father is sitting in front of Akin absorbing the information Akin is telling him

“Jamal’s visit can only mean one thing. He is snitching on your son,” Akin says

“Hmmn, the things Jude did for that man.” Jude’s father responds

“Don’t hate the player boss, hate the game.” Akin continues

Jude’s father leans forward and looks at Akin with a stern.


“We know each other way back. We did nasty things in the fraternity and you have been in prison for murder and I will never ask you to kill anyone. But, I have a problem here. A leaking sink that needs to shut. I do not care how you fix the sink, I never ever want to find out but I will appreciate if I can just focus on my dirty dishes and never on the leaking sink.” Jude’s father tells Akin who is used to talking in codes


“I understand because I am the best plumber for the job,” Akin says

“Good…” Jude’s father says and changes the converstaion.

This conversation happened a while back that led to Jamal’s death. Now, Akin is sitting in Jude’s father office after Jude had called him over to meet him in one hour and they are having the same conversation.


“So she has a son for Jude,” Jude’s father asks

“I guess, from the looks of it.” Akin responds


Silence… Then


“Akin, I have a deal I want Chief to approve. He is strong headed on it and I understand, Chief doesn’t know how to get his hands dirty but I don’t mind teaching him. This baby mama is not good news for Chief although I am elated to find out my grandson exist but if this woman continues to prey into Sandra’s life I don’t think I will even get the chance to school Chief when a divorce between Sandra and Jude is sparked up by this woman and I can’t afford to lose this deal. She is a threat, Akin.” Jude’s father says


“I don’t want threats walking the streets with breath in their nostrils,” Jude’s father continues hoping he doesn’t need to explain himself


“You need another leaking sink fixed right?” Akin asks

“Yes please, as soon as possible and don’t lay hands on my grandson. He is an asset,” Jude’s father responds

“I understand.” Akin tells Jude’s father


As Akin walks out of the building, he thinks through the conversation he has had with Jude’s father and concludes that for once threats should be given the opportunity to live. He has never hurt a woman before, his mother taught him to be respectful to women. So until he has justified reasons to hurt Elizabeth, he will hold his plumbing skills.

His phone rings again and the caller ID reads Sandra.


“This rich people sef get problem.” Akin says as he picks the call and tells Sandra he will meet her in an eatery near her father’s house.


Sandra is drinking orange juice and reading a magazine as Akin walks in wearing a dark suit and sunglasses.


“Ha, please tell me you have something to show?” Sandra asks


Akin drops an envelope on the table and takes a seat opposite Sandra. Sandra tears the envelope open to see pictures; she glances through them and drops the rest on the table.


“How are you Sandra? I think you should have left sleeping dogs alone.” Akin says

“No!” Sandra responds “I suspected Jude is cheating but there is proof and I have seen that woman in my house,” Sandra says

“How dare him.” Sandra continues

“So what next, you divorce him and what?” Akin asks

“I don’t know.” Sandra responds with a teary eye

“Listen, you do not know what you have until it’s gone. What your husband did or is doing may be wrong but you must think past yourself and consider your unborn child. Are you going to deprive that child a father and a home just because you can’t stand a cheating husband?” Akin asks


Akin wasn’t a counsellor or has he ever been in a relationship long enough to advice other people but he grew up without a father and turned out badly despite his mother’s effort. Father’s are very important in a child’s life whether women can stand them or not and children should not be denied that right. He had seen Jude with his son and could tell that he will be a good father. So, if he could save another child from growing up without a father… He will save that child.


Sandra sobs and then composes herself

“Okay, I will forgive him.” She says in the mist of tears

“Good,” Akin says as he stands up to leave

“What do I owe you?” Sandra calls out as she searches her purse for her check book. She looks up and realises Akin is out of sight.


As Akin leaves the eatery, he feels light and fulfilled. For once in his life, he had done something right. Alas, he forgot to remove the picture of Jude’s son from the pile after showing the pictures to Jardon awhile ago


Sandra picks up the pictures and promises to burn them. Akin is right, her child deserves a home but as she looks through the pictures again, more carefully, she sees the woman-Elizabeth carrying a child. She brings out her phone, checks through the media to check for her husband’s picture. She looks at the picture of the boy and then her husband, looks at the picture again and swipes her tears.


In shock, she says “No… No… It can’t be”


Jude sits in a detective’s office as the detective introduces himself as Kola and they shake hands. Detective Kola takes out a paper and pen, getting ready to write.


“Thank you for coming Jude.” Detective Kola says

“I want to help.” Jude says

“Well, murders and suicides happen on a daily basis so your maid’s husband found dead in his apartment is not new,” Detective Kola responds

“But, you do not know this information, right?” Detective kola continues


“Um, I don’t think I am knowledgeable. The information is that the cause of death is strangulation and a professional job,” Jude responds

“Did you ever meet the deceased?” Detective kola asks

“Yes, I knew him a little.” Jude responds


“How will you describe your relationship?” Detective Kola asks

“Casual.”Jude responds

“Are you aware he was in debt?” Detective Kola asks


Jude laughs


“Um, I am not sure I do. I can’t remember,” Jude lies

“Where were you the day Jamal died?” Detective Kola asks


Jude stands


“I don’t understand why you are interrogating me when the culprit is out there. If you do not have any court order to demand I speak any further, I am sorry not much I can say.” Jude replies


“It is a simple question, sit. Just tell me where you were the day Jamal died?” Detective Kola asks again

“I was with my wife.” Jude replies and sits

“Which one” Detective Kola asks


Jude looks confused


“I beg your pardon?” Jude responds


“Walls have ears. I did a check and what I gathered is; there are two women in your life. So, which one were you with?” Detective Kola asks


Jude bites his lips


“I was with the other one.” Jude responds

“Is your wife aware of the other woman?” Detective Kola asks

“That information is none of your business or does the information has anything to do with this case,” Jude fires back

“You see, Jude…I can call you Jude, right?” Detective Kola asks while Jude nods in agreement


“How it looks from my end is that your wife is oblivious of a side chick and a child. Mr Oyemade on the other hand who is the husband to your wife’s maid finds out that you are keeping a double life and he blackmails you. Since you two have a casual relationship, easy for him to hold you down for a few naira and cancel his debts. But you do not give in to his demands, he threatens to tell your wife and you get him killed while you go on vacation to see your other woman that gives you an alibi. After Jamal dies you get interested in the case because you want details when we find you out so you can either cover your tracks or run. So Jude, every question I ask is my business.” Detective Kola continues


Jude looks at Detective Kola in disgust and starts to laugh. He laughs hard

“I am so sorry. I never ever considered myself as a suspect. The theory you just laid out is impressive but they are only theories until proven. You do not have any evidence to back up your claim.” Jude says and stands up to leave.

“If you ever find the culprit, please do not hesitate to contact me,”


Jude continues and leaves the Detective’s office.


“Oh I will call you sooner than you think,” Detective Kola calls out behind Jude


“What insolence,” Jude responds and storms out of the police station.





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