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#OtvPHOTOS: Boko Haram members surrender others flee to Cameroon as rumours of Shekau dead continues to fly


Following the rumours making rounds since last
Tuesday that the Boko haram leader Abubakar
Shekau’s impersonator have been killed and
after relentless onslaught by troops, many
members of the Boko Haram terrorists’ group
are beginning to surrender voluntarily.


They submitted themselves and their weapons
to the leadership of the troops in Konduga
during a further campaign at the weekend.
The Defence Headquarters on Sunday tweeted:
“…as the heat on the terrorists continues, five
terrorists surrendered on Saturday (September
20, 2014) with all their weapons to troops at
Konduga, pleading for mercy.”
Captured terrorists are also giving useful
information on the subsequent plans of the
group in an apparent offer to cooperate.
In the last few days, there have been several
attempts by terrorists desperate to gain entry to
Konduga, which the Nigerian troops have
continued to foil.
The insurgents had intended to recover bodies
of their prominent fighters who had died in the
previous encounters in the area.
Meanwhile, the Nigerian troops have recovered
more weapons during the mopped up
operations while vehicles belonging to the sect
have been destroyed.
On Sunday, senior military sources told
PRNigeria, a medium that regularly
disseminates news from government agencies,
that the suspected demise of the Boko Haram
leader caused many members to flee to
different locations in the neighbouring countries,
especially Cameroon, in recent days.
“It is getting more certain that the terrorists’
commander who has been mimicking Shekau in
those videos is the one killed in Konduga on
September 17, 2014″, an intelligence source told
“The process of confirming that the dead body
we have is the same as that character who has
been posing as Shekau is ongoing.
“He is definitely a prominent terrorist’


I don’t want to say anything about
this yet please”. he said.

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