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#OtvPHOTOS: China Invent SexDolls



A time is coming when having a partner will be
unnecessary. The inflatable doll factory in Ningbo,
China, set up shop just five years ago but punters
from across the globe are ringing them up every
day to get their hands on one of them.
Now officials are hoping to take over the world
with their vast collection. Factory worker Lili Hsing
said: “It’s taken our breath away, and not because
we have to blow up the dolls.
“The speed this industry has developed is truly
“When I first started here, we had one type of doll
on offer, and only limited local interest.
“Now we have 10 dolls, including our premium
high end brand, and calls from all over the world.”
There are so many of the £30 dolls that they litter
the floors of the factory – and workers sometimes
feel a bit creeped out by the display.
Shu Mai said: “Sometimes it’s a bit eerie having all
these body parts lying around, a bit like a giant
“Of course I know they aren’t real.
“I assume the men who buy them know that too,
although on our online sales we do give them
names and the men request the doll by name.
“I think one of the reasons we have become so
successful is the quality of the dolls we produce.
“They look good, are easily inflatable and don’t
deflate too quickly.


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