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#OtvPHOTOS: Gay Man Expresses his Joy after his Mother Gave Birth to his Child



In a case that has divided opinion across Britain and led to questions about the robustness of fertility laws, meet 27-year-old Kyle and his 46 year old mother Anne-Marie, who not only is his son, Miles’s grandmother, but also the woman who gave birth to him.

On face value, it’s a story to make anyone recoil. Anne-Marie simply carried the child. Using a donor egg fertilised by Kyle’s sperm, she became the first woman in the UK to be a surrogate for her own 


The arrangement, according to DailyMail, emerged only last week when a High Court judge ruled that Kyle could now adopt Miles. Although Kyle was classed as both the baby’s father and brother when he was born, that is no longer the case. Today he is simply the baby’s father.
Kyle says:

‘I’ve never thought of him as my brother. None of us have. But when he was born, legally he was my brother. Just as legally, he was my mother’s son. That’s no longer the case. My mum and dad’s names are no longer on the birth certificate. I am the only name on the birth certificate, meaning that I am now his legal father as well as his biological father.’

The mother is listed as unknown.


The whole scenario may make many people uncomfortable. Indeed, critics have called it ‘dubious’ and questioned the ethics and morality of the situation. The family no longer speaks to one friend who was against the idea.

‘I know that some people won’t understand it and are against what we’ve done but as far as I see, as long as someone can provide for a child then they have every right to a child,’ says Kyle. 

‘Apart from that one friend — whom I no longer speak to — everyone else has been really supportive. No one has the right to deny someone that opportunity. We are supposed to live in a world with equal opportunities, but single people are discriminated against. The law says that having a child is too much of an undertaking for a single person to take on. But I’ve proved that wrong. 

I don’t care what people think — they can keep their opinions. He is cared for. He is loved. I paid for it all myself with a little help from my parents at the end, and that’s all that matters.’

His mum agrees wholeheartedly. Despite the controversy, Anne-Marie couldn’t be more delighted.

‘Why should my son be denied the chance to be a father if he can provide a loving home?’ she asks.

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