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#OtvPHOTOS: HKN boys hit the gym


It’s 2015 and several Nigerian pop stars have hinted
at how serious they want to take their careers this

In an interview with NET in December 2014, HKN
boss, Davido said: ‘In 2014 we all had fun, my artistes
relaxed, we travelled and enjoyed ourselves but in
2015, it’s serious business.’

True to his words, HKN has enlisted the services of
celebrity fitness trainer, Seun Fadina, founder/CEO
OF Burnout Fitness Service and creator of Total
Burnout 360 to make sure all the chubby members of
the HKN team keep fit and get in shape for the task

Starting with Adewale Adeleke popularly known as
Chairman, as well as other members of the team like
B-red, Shina Rambo and others, the HKN gang is
taking the issue of fitness very serious.


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