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#OtvTIPS: 10 reasons why a dog will make your life better


#1 Help With Your Allergies

Do you have a specific allergy that tends to get in the way of everyday things? Certain dogs can be trained to detect allergens in food like nuts. Friendship & life saving, they really do it all.

#2 Workout Buddy

Are you looking for a workout partner to take on runs with you? If your friends are MIA or possibly not into working out as much as you, look no further than your dog. Judgement free too!

#3 They Bring Out Your Paternal Instincts

Not sure if you’re ready for a child of your own? Get a dog and try it out. If taking care of your dog becomes a main priority for you, and you long for that nurturing feeling, then you might be more ready for a kid than you think.

#4 They Will Make You Smile

Looking at your dog looking back at you is like looking into the face of the cutest baby in the world. If you don’t smile, chances are you don’t have a heart. So if you like smiling, get a dog and let them do their thing.

#5 Knows When To Wake You Up

Do you have a set morning routine? If you accidentally sleep in late, chances are your dog is a part of your routine and will do his/her best to wake you up and get you both started.

#6 They’ll Keep You Entertained!

Having one dog is great, but two or more is a party! It’s like having all your friends over, except you’re the center of attention.

#7 They’ll Soothe Your Nerves

In your hectic life, having a dog can play a major role in relieving stress. Let them soothe your nerves by having them let you nurture them. It’s a great way to get your mind off your worries.

#8 Great With Kids!

Do you already have kids? If so, a dog is the absolute best “toy” they could have. If you want to provide your child with not only a friend, but a guardian as well, a dog is the way to go.

9 They’ll Give You Someone to Love

Feeling lonely? Well you wouldn’t if you had a dog. Not only do they provide companionship, but the chances that you’ll love your dog are pretty high. And who doesn’t want love???

#10 Suffering From Something Traumatic? Not Anymore!

Dogs are a great resource for people dealing with recovery from traumatic life experiences. From PTSD to postpartum depression, dogs can help bring you back.

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