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#OtvTIPS: 14 Habits of World-Class Champions



“Without seeking help from any
teachers, I… found myself a finalist in
the 1994 World Championships. That
August, I gave all I had to give. When
the contest was finally over, I had not
won a trophy. I was disappointed. But
my seven-year-old son, Joel, was
devastated. ‘Son, it’s okay,’ I told him. ‘I
did my best. There’s always next year.’
At that moment, David Brooks, the 1990
World Champion, literally walked into
my life. He gently reached out to me,
told me I’d done a fine job, and
encouraged me to call him. So I did, the
very next day. I realized that if I were
going to be a champion I needed a
teacher. One who had been where I
wanted to be. That phone call changed
my life.”
-Mark Brown
1995 World Champion of Public


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