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#OtvTIPS: 27 Simple Things to Start Doing for Your Happiness


It only takes one person to make you happy and change
your life: YOU.

I am endlessly fascinated by the link between
the way we choose to live our lives and the
happiness we enjoy on a daily basis.  There are
choices that you make every day, some of which
seem completely unrelated to your happiness,
that dramatically impact the way you feel
mentally and physically.
Over the years, through our coaching practice
and premium course , Angel and I have literally
spoken to thousands of people who are
struggling to find happiness in their lives. And
what we’ve found is that it usually isn’t what
you have, where you are, or what you’ve been
through that makes you happy or unhappy, it’s
how you think about it all and what you do with
In our day-to-day lives it’s easy to miss the
forest for the trees and completely overlook
some of the small, simple things that can
disproportionally affect our levels of happiness
and general fulfillment in life.
Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out all by
yourself. Angel and I have spent the better part
of a decade working one-on-one with our
coaching clients and finding the right habits and
behaviors that support sustained happiness.
Below, I take a quick look at some of the more
actionable tips that can be easily worked into
your daily routine. Pls head up to Marc and Angel Hack for the complete article.

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