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#OtvTIPS: 4 Important Tips for Today’s Project Manager


By Marie Larsen.


Project management is a complex field, with
considerations that vary wildly depending on the
industry in which you work, as well as the
company you’re employed with. While getting a
good education is more than important
(certification through PMI is still the industry
standard), there are some things that can be
learned nowhere other than on the job or
through a mentor. A few of the tips that a good
mentor will teach you include the following:
1. Plan for the Worst
While project managers should be optimists,
there’s a lot to be gained by planning for the
worst. The old adage, “Plan for the worst and
hope for the best” is extremely applicable here.
Plan for the worst that can happen in your
project and outline what those possibilities could
be. Then, take whatever steps you find
necessary to ensure that those never come to
be. By planning for the worst, you have
contingencies in place that will help you cope
with everything from mild to serious issues.
2. Is It a Project?
Often, you’ll find that stakeholders and senior
management unfamiliar with project
management mislabel things. They might
mistake a large task for a project, or vice versa.
Make sure you’re 100% clear on what you’re
working on. Is it actually a project? Or is it a
task in a series of other tasks designed to
culminate in a specific outcome? If it’s the latter,
then you’re not really working on the project
itself and the situation will need to be
addressed. Bring this up to stakeholders and
managers. It’s important that everyone involved
realize exactly what’s going on so that the
problem can be addressed and rectified.
3. Get Commitment from Others
Communication is an incredibly important
component of a successful project. Without
clear, ongoing communication, difficult decisions
cannot be made. However, there’s only so much…continue reading

All credits goes to Marie Larsen and ProjectManagers.NET.

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