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The world is changing. And so are people.
They create rules to break them later on. Is it
bad or good? We do not know for sure.
That’s just the way it is and there isn’t much
we can do to change the situation. There are a
lot of countries where following traditions is
one of the most important things, while other
cultures are not too strict about their customs
and are more open-minded. In the list below
you can find 7 principles that are found old-
fashioned by modern married couples.
1. Keep things exciting
Married people know how important it is to
refresh relationship now and then. Being
intriguing in your partner’s eyes is essential if
you want your marriage last long. There is no
need to invent new things every single day.
But making your life more exciting by trying
out something new is wise. We cannot avoid
routine but it’s up to us to make it less boring
and tiresome.
2. Fights lead to divorce
Different issues may arise. What happens
next? People argue and fight. This in turn
might lead to divorce. But is it really the only
way to live? There is not a single problem
that cannot be resolved if it is dealt with by 2
intelligent people. Divorce is not an option.
Just try and talk with your spouse, offer your
solution and learn to be a good listener. We
tend to speak too much and listen too little.
3. Vacation together
Spending vacation in different places is a
very healthy thing to do. No matter how much
you love each other both of you need a break.
A weekend away from your spouse is not a
betrayal. You are just taking some time out. It
is quite natural that each of us should have
their own private time and space. Usually
couples who practice this say that after
separate vacation their relationships get even
4. Mutual hobbies
Being interested in the same things and
having the same hobbies is cool yet not a
must. Your areas of interests may vary. It’s
even more exciting because you can always
find out something more about your partner
or show your inner self from a different
angle. If you feel that your spouse does not
want to be involved in your hobby, do not
force it on them.
5. Don’t go to bed angry
Stay positive and do all possible to go to bed
with constructive thinking. Destructive mind
affects your own health and ruins
relationship with your spouse. In the evening
stress tends to accumulate, but there are
plenty of ways how to reduce tension. Listen
to calm music, read a book, or just watch a
6. Always sleep together
Sleeping in separate beds or even rooms is
not a big deal. This does not mean that the
partners do not love each other any longer.
There are quite a few reasons why people
might want to sleep separately. There are
advantages in it as well – there is no one
snoring or moving in the same bed with you,
which means you can have much better sleep.
7. The honesty vow
Honesty is the best policy. This is the rule to
follow when we are talking about something
substantial. White lies are sometimes healthy.
Let us not be too serious about small things
that do not influence anything significant. For
example, why not be tolerant and let him
wear his favorite tie that you find ugly? Do
not keep telling him how terrible it looks on
him even if that’s true. However, avoid lying
if the case is really serious.

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