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#OtvTIPS: 7 Types Of People You Meet In An Exam Hall



1)The First Finishers: They are always the first to finish;
maybe it’s to show they are brillant or who knows they
might have seen Orijo(expo)
2)The Dependents: This category of people are the type who
come to the exam hall empty headed.
3)The Holy Ones: You are friends before exam start but
once you start exam you become temporary enemies.
4)The Giraffes: They tend to have long necks and sharp
sight. Always looking for who to spy
5)The Selfish Ones: These set of people will never be willing
to give out a little of what is in their brain, they are always
looking for ways to add to theirs.
6)The Magicians: They come to the exam hall with magic
handkerchiefs/pens. Ntoor! You see them cleaning their face
every minute
7)The Pretenders: They dress like SU, you see them praying
for like 30mins before they start writing only for them to
bring out expo and start cheating. Some even smuggle
handout in.


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