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#OtvTIPS: Bad Relationship Tips That Single Girls Shouldn’t Follow



There is a load of relationship advice
on the internet and in advice
columns. Some of it is good, some of
it is not so bad, but some of it is
pretty awful! In fact, these days,
anyone with a basic grasp of the
language and a computer keyboard
can offer their advice, but beware,
not all of it makes a great deal of
Here are just ten of the, not so
clever, relationship tips that you
would be well advised to ignore:
1. Always wait for the man to make
the first move
If you wait for some guys to make
the first move, you are going to be
waiting for a long time! This, so
called rule, is long past its sell by
date. Girls can take the initiative too,
so ask the question; the worst that
he can say is ‘no’.
2. Online dating is for desperate
Many people now meet the love of
their lives online, so does that make
all these people losers? Of course
not! Online dating is a convenient
way for busy people to get
introductions to like minded people.
That’s why so many successful
relationships have now blossomed
from online dating sites.
3. Don’t let him know how you really
A bit of mystery is fine, but if you
don’t let the guy know how you feel
about him, how’s he supposed to
know! Men are notoriously bad at
reading between the lines; they need
a little encouragement and
prompting, so don’t leave it to
4. Leave him waiting to hear from
You’ve probably heard about the rule
that says that you should wait three
days after date before contacting
him. Well, this is a rule to be
completely ignored. If you liked the
guy, then talk to him the next
morning if you want to. Certainly
don’t leave it for three days, because
three days is a long time and a lot
can happen in three days!
5. Always let the man take initiative
This little gem started to go out of
date in your grandmother’s day, so
don’t hang about if you like a guy, go
and ask him out on a date. Men like
a bit of confidence in women and
they will be flattered by the
6. Don’t let him know how much you
like him
This one is just silly, how’s he going
to know that things are going well, if
you don’t tell him? Sure, men tend to
like a challenge, but they’re not going
to wait forever if they think that you
don’t even like them.
7. Never date a work colleague
Dating someone at work can make
things complicated, but it shouldn’t
be a hard and fast rule that you
never should. Many couples meet at
work, after all, that’s where you
spend a lot of your time, so why not?
8. You should feel an instant
connection to a guy
Love at first sight happens to some
lucky people or in movies, but for the
rest of us, mere mortals, it
sometimes takes time before we feel
that connection. In fact, the opposite
of this rule is probably true in that
you shouldn’t write a guy off, just
because of a mediocre first date. You
might just need a bit more time to
get to know one another better.
9. Date someone else to forget your
While this tip can seem to be useful
for some people, usually, it doesn’t
work this way and it’s actually not so
fair to use another person as your
‘moving on tool’. Make sure that your
heart is free from anger, hurt and
regrets of your past relationship and
don’t bring all this luggage of
negativity into your brand new one.
10. Never discuss the future
While discussing how many children
you want to have, on a first date, is
not a good idea, if you have been
seeing a guy for a while, you’re going
to need to know where the
relationship is leading. This is for
your benefit too, because if you are
looking for a serious commitment and
he is not, then…continue reading from the SOURCE!

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