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#OtvTIPS: D Secrets Of Thinking BIGG


Thinking BIGG is a simple process that leads
to success all the time. Most people don’t
think BIGG. They just dream or wish, then
wonder why their lives never get better or
end up getting worse. Thinking BIGG is
simple. You’re probably wondering what
BIGG is or what’s the BIGG deal. When you
think BIGG and stay on track you’ll succeed,
no matter what your goals. Here is the
secret of thinking BIGG…
»B – Believe in yourself.
»I – Inspiration from Others
»G – Goal Setting
»G – Go For it.
Now, there’s a process that you need to
apply to make thinking BIGG work for you
and today I’ll show you exactly how to
apply the process of thinking BIGG so that
you get the results you want. It’s pretty
simple and straight forward, and when you
follow what I outline you’ll see changes
quickly So Read on and enjoy…
When you think BIGG you get your inner
powers and your subconscious mind
focused on bringing you the people,
situations and opportunities that will help
you succeed. Thinking BIGG is more than
just having a few positive thoughts and big
SECRET 1: Believe in yourself.
You may want to make more money, be in
a great relationship, have a great career,
get a better job, be free of fear and enjoy
life, and you may not believe you can.
Believing and wanting are 2 different things.
Believing means you absolutely know that
you can and will succeed. Wanting is a
yearning. You want something to fill a void,
it’s a good starting point but you need to go
from wanting to believing. When you
believe you tell your inner powers and
subconscious mind that you’re ready for
success and that you expect nothing less
than success. It’s not about saying I will
instead, you have to believe that you are
succeeding and getting what you want
(filling that void).
SECRET 2: Inspiration from others.
Draw inspiration from others. I do this all
the time. I would like you to start believing
that if they can succeed so can you. You
can do anything that they can do and you
may even be able to do it better. Learn
from them and be inspired there are new
achievements being made everyday. And
your achievements are just around the
corner. Every 4 years we see Olympic
Records being crushed. Those athletes
believe in themselves, and they draw
inspiration from their predecessors. When
you’re inspired you basically light up your
inner powers and your subconscious mind,
you give them some extra energy and extra
drive; they realize that what you want is
important and they begin working harder
for you. When you see somebody succeed
praise them and be inspired because you’re
next. It’s a message your subconscious
mind and inner powers pick up and drive
you to succeed.
SECRET 3 – goal setting.
This is where a lot of people fail or struggle.
They don’t set clear goals, they don’t know
what they want, and they don’t have
measurable goals. So set a goal. Be clear
and be specific. Understand why you want
this goal. The why helps you be clear and
stay motivated. Make sure you can measure
your success otherwise you won’t know if
you’re making any progress. Then check
your progress and make adjustments. When
you have clear goals, you stay focused.
When you’re focused on something and
repeatedly give it attention you begin to
draw the positive people who will help you
succeed. Your subconscious mind and inner
powers see your goals as clear instructions
and the understand that these goals need
to be accomplished. Your goal needs to be
achieved. Your subconscious and inner
powers say this is so important we have to
make this happen. At this point your
subconscious and inner powers work
overtime to help you achieve your goals.
Now success won’t happen without the final
SECRET 4: Go for it.
You have to go for it. You have to take
action. You can’t sit around and wait for
everything to come to you. That’s not how
you succeed. Olympic athletes train every
day for years… their success doesn’t come
overnight. They’re training right now for the
next Olympics. They have to keep going for
it; even when they were tired, even when
they have setbacks, even when they get sick
or injured, they keep going. You have to
keep going for it. You have to keep
pursuing your goal because the minute you
give up you fail and that’s not what you
want So you can’t give up. Now when you
keep pursuing your goal, when you believe
in yourself, when you draw inspiration from
others, when you set clear goals and when
you go for it your mind, your subconscious
mind, you inner powers and the universe
get the message. They realize that this is
something that must happen and they have
to make it happen for you. You’re doing
everything you can to succeed and they
have no choice but to help you.
Start thinking BIGG today. Start achieving
your goals today Get your subconscious and
inner powers working for you so they bring
you the success you want today. Get your
mind, your subconscious mind and inner
powers focused so you achieve the success
you want. When you think BIGG you
succeed. When you direct the full power of
your mind, you subconscious mind and your
inner powers you enjoy success sooner and
it becomes a habit – so you succeed and
achieve your goals more and more often.
Think of it as a way of programming
yourself to get more of what you want.
Right now you’ve likely programmed your
mind and subconscious mind to create
more and more of what you don’t want.
That’s why nothing changes. You may want
change, but your subconscious mind is
programmed to create the same thing over
and over again. You have to break that
habit. You have to put an end to that
negative cycle. It’s time to change the way
your mind and subconscious mind works.
It’s time to re-program you subconscious so
that it creates more of what you want.
Begin applying a new thought process.
Begin seeing things differently. Begin
believing in yourself Now direct your mind,
subconscious mind and your inner powers
to create what you want so you achieve
your goals and enjoy the life you want.
Keep Thinking BIGG…
PS: Remember if you don’t do anything – if
you don’t change the way your mind works
and direct your subconscious mind to create
the life you want – everything stays the
same – nothing changes. This is your life –
make the most of it – begin working with
the power of your mind and subconscious
mind to create the life you want.


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