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#OtvTIPS: DIY Coconut Oil Hair Spray + Rosemary Volumizing Powder


Finding the right hair products can be similar to
playing roulette, and the cost of trying to figure
out what works well for you can become very
expensive, very quickly. Making your own hair
products is easier than you’d expect, not to
mention you get to control the number of
chemicals in them, ideally zero!


This Coconut oil hairspray not only leaves your hair
healthy and happy it also encourages hair follicles to grow,
soothes a dry and itchy scalp and even adds volume,
whilst reducing the dreaded frizz!
Making you own hair products at home allows you to save
money, control what you put on your hair, avoid using
harmful chemicals and make a product that is right for
your hair type – not everyone has the same hair type after
To find out how to make this incredible spray as well as a
volumizing powder, head over to Hellonatural.co

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