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#OtvTIPS: DIY Perfumes to Transform You Into a Fragrant Goddess


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For as long as I can remember, I have taken great pride in spritzing myself with my favorite fragrance before I go anywhere. Of course, the scents have changed drastically over the years, from the sickly sweet, strawberry glittered stuff I used to spray before school to something which I like to think is a tad more sophisticated nowadays as I leave for work.

Perfume is such a personal and special thing, and I love it when someone’s perfume becomes the scent you associate with them, and you could pick it out anywhere. I could smell over a hundred perfumes in a day, and I would be able to tell you which one my mom wears in a heartbeat.

The obvious downside to store-bought perfumes is the price, which can often reach heights that are a bit ridiculous for, essentially, scented water. That is why I have recently begun experimenting with making my own, and there are more than a few recipes that I just had to share.

Be Transformed by Your Unique DIY Perfume

1. Botanical Cologne

This Botanical Cologne recipe makes a good point of addressing the fact that some store-bought perfumes can be extremely strong, with incredibly heavy ingredients and scents within them.

This downside is addressed in the making of your own perfume, as you can adjust the levels of all the ingredients, making sure not to include any scents that might be too strong for you. There are two suggested scent combinations in this one recipe, vanilla rose and orange mint, both of which I think sound both amazing but still simplistic. The vanilla rose option uses a real vanilla pod instead of just an essential oil, which will give you a much more natural and delicious vanilla scent.

2. Essential Oils Perfume

I can’t say that I am an expert in figuring out what scents would go well together in a perfume, so a recipe like this is really helpful to me. It is very explanatory in terms of what scents are more prominent than others, and which should, therefore, be used for the different ‘notes’ in the perfume. It sounds confusing now, but trust me, it is very easy to follow.

There is a whole range of scents suggested for this Essential Oils Perfume, so you could have a lot of fun experimenting with different ones, whether they’re already favorite scents of yours or completely new discoveries. The perfume recipe itself is very simple, and they even have a printout of cute little labels you could use for your bottles.

3. Fruity Roll-On Perfume

I haven’t used a roll-on perfume since I was a little girl and used to get them free in weekend magazines. Now that I think about it however, this is an extremely convenient way to apply perfume. You could use it absolutely anywhere, without running the risk of covering everyone around you in sprays of your perfume.

More perfumes should definitely be available in a roll-on form, but until that trend takes off, you can make your own. As a lover of fruity scents, I love the sound of this Fruity Roll-On Perfume, scented with sweet orange and mandarin for a really lovely citrus base, with notes of neroli and cedarwood alongside it.


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