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#OtvTIPS: Don’t try this diet, it’s dangerous! ❌


Taking control of your diet is one of the
quickest and easiest ways to take equal
control over your body, health and weight.
There are many
diet trends claiming to be the best thing for
you, but which ones are good for you and
which ones will make you sick and invite
the weight
back (along with 20-pounds-worth of its
closest friends)?
The Paleo Diet
This diet plan challenges you to go back to
the start, long before processed foods,
sugars, dairy, grains and starches were
introduced into
our everyday meals. It’s all about eating the
way our neolithic ancestors did.
How It Helps: Great for bodybuilders and
fitness buffs, this diet is high in protein,
vitamins and minerals.
It also assists people in eliminating harmful
processed foods. For those who go Paleo to
the extreme, this will help to cut out GMOs
as well.
How It Hurts: When people cut out
carbohydrate-rich foods and dairy, they
may not be getting enough carbs and
calcium to stay healthy. Who
knew eating carbs was actually a good
thing? It is crucial to replace any lost
vitamins, minerals and fuel for your body to
keep it working as
it should. Read MORE


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