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OtvTIPS: Getting Tone And Tight Bum- The 7 Simple Ways.


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There is no doubt that we love and cherish
people with nice and tighten bum. You too
can be cherished If you’re looking to tone
and tighten your bum, so you can keep up to
activities that surround your Love life,
I’ve found seven easy moves that’ll help you
achieve that toned, firm bottom! Having a
shapely bum isn’t just for those who were
blessed with great genes; we can all attain
praiseworthy?buns of steel!
Tone and Tight bum are of important to you,
whether married, Dating or Single. Check
out these simple ways to tone and tighten
your bum and get ready to rock the hell out
of your shorts and swimsuit!

1.Kick Back Squat


Squats are usually the go-to exercise to tone
and tighten your bum but the kickback squat
is another great move that’ll tone buns and
thighs! Start by standing with your legs
shoulder-width apart. Next, sit back to a
squat. Then, bring your left leg straight
behind you while extending your arms
forward. Next, return to the squat position
and repeat on the other side. Continue
alternating sides for one minute. Remember
to keep your weight back on your heels and
keep your hips square when you extend your
leg behind you.



Lunges are a really effective way to tone
your butt and thighs but they are a killer! If
you aren’t familiar with lunges, stand with
feet shoulder width apart with your feet
pointing straight ahead. Step your left foot
forward, keeping your forward leg centered
over your ankle and making sure your knee
doesn’t go beyond your toes. To help you
balance, remember to push off with your
heels when you step forward. When coming
back to the starting position, focus on
straightening your knee and hip.



Another easy way to shape and tone your
butt is with the gluteus kickback. This
exercise is one of my favorites because there
aren’t any lunges involved and it’s easy to
do while watching TV! Get on your hands
and knees with your knees bent at 90
degrees. Keeping your head in a neutral
position, lift your left leg back and up,
making sure your knee is bent, until your
foot is higher than your head. Squeeze your
left glute and slowly lower your leg back to
start position. Perform the same with your
right leg and repeat.



Lay with your stomach down on an exercise
ball with your hands on the floor. Tighten
your glute muscles and lift one of your legs
slightly off the floor while you keeping leg
straight, then alternate sides. If you’re
looking for more of a challenge, try lifting
both legs up at the same time, as long as you
can do so without straining your back.



I mentioned squats earlier as the classic butt
exercise so I would be amiss not to list it as
an easy way to tone your butt! Squats are
another easy move that you can do just about
anywhere and don’t require any equipment
unless you want to add weights. Start with
feet parallel and shoulder-width apart.
Slowly lower your hips down, making sure
not to let your knees go past your toes and
return to the start position.



The bridge is another easy exercise to
tighten your bottom but this isn’t one of
those moves that you want to do outside your
home! As effective as it is, it can be a bit
embarrassing to do in front of others! Lay on
your back with feet on the floor and hip-
width apart and knees bent. Slowly lift your
spine off the floor from the bottom,
tightening the glutes and hamstrings until
you’ve created a line from your shoulders to
your knees. Return to the floor slowly and



Side leg raises are another great exercise to
do while you’re at home watching TV or a
movie. Lay on your side on the floor or on
the rear edge of a mat. Place your feet at the
front edge of the mat and lift your upper leg
and turn it out at the hip. Keep the hips
stacked and your trunk still while you lift
and lower your leg, reaching from the front
of your thigh. Return to the start position
and repeat on the other side.
Toning your bum doesn’t have to require a
lot of equipment or tricky moves. We can
easily get our bottoms in shape with these
easy exercises you can do while you’re
watching the TV or anytime you have some spare time!


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