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#OtvTIPS: How A Bad Boss Can Make You Sick



Good day to you and thanks for visiting. I stumbled upon this article on twitter and I deemed it fit to share with you because my #Boss here is making me sick and this is a perfect timing to publish this article for someone else who is also experiencing same situation with their boss(es). Pls read below as written by: Amy Rees Anderson for Forbes

Life is short but apparently it can become a lot
shorter if you spend your days dealing with a
bad boss. In a recent study performed by
Keas.com they found that 77% of employees
experienced physical symptoms of stress from
bad bosses and workers who had
inconsiderate or uncommunicative managers
were 60% more likely to suffer heart trauma.
An Inc. study cited that workers who have
poor relationships with their bosses are 30%
more likely to suffer coronary heart disease.
That’s right people, your bad boss could quite
literally be making you sick!
It is estimated that three out of every four
employees reports that their boss is the worst
and most stressful part of their job and 65%
of employees said they would take a new boss
over a pay raise (Inc.). Could the statistics
scream any louder that we have far too many
bad bosses out there?
And one has to ask the question, “Do these
bosses set out to be bad, and are they even
aware that they are bad?” I would guess that
most bosses don’t set out to be bad. I would
also guess that most of them may be
completely unaware of just how bad they are.
You see the difficulty is that most of us judge
ourselves by our intentions, while others judge us based on our behavior. So the fact is
that most bosses may feel they have perfectly
good intentions and therefore they justify or
disregard their own bad behavior and as a
result employees are left to suffer the effects
of dealing with a bad boss.


Image Credit: Linkedin

We Judge Ourselves by our Intentions.

Others Judge us based on our Behavior.
So what makes a boss a bad boss? Here are a
few thoughts on how to tell if your manager
falls into the “bad” category of bosses:

They don’t communicate a clear vision for the

They selectively communicate with only a few people, leaving all others to feel devalued and
left out

They lack enthusiasm and passion for the work the company is doing

They fail to inspire their employees

They accept mediocrity rather than motivating

They pick and choose who they will value rather than valuing the team as a whole

They fail to communicate clear expectations

They reward based on brownnosing rather
than performance and impact

They withhold compliments, even when a
compliment has been earned

They attack people rather than attacking performance

They make decisions off rumors rather than
taking time to gather appropriate facts

They don’t follow through on their
commitments to employees

They fail to communicate…period

They fail to recognize and give credit to
employees for efforts and accomplishments

They place blame on others rather than owning mistakes themselves

They are insecure with themselves which often leads to behaving mean, paranoid, and
vindictive, amongst other damaging behaviors

They avoid difficult situations rather than handling them head on

They lack the courage to do the right ….pls continue with the article from the Source , don’t forget to share with your friends by using any of the social media buttons below.

Pls note, a make-up article titled 6 Proven Ways to Deal with
a Bad Boss will be published by 13:00GMT tomorrow on this blog, pls check by to be updated on the series.

Credits: Forbes, Twitter.
Image Credits: , Linkedin  ZengerFolkman

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