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#OtvTIPS: How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship


#1 Remember They’re
With YOU


The difference between you and that
person you’re jealous of? You get to be with
your partner and the other person won’t!
Remember that you have the advantage
and enjoy your relationship instead of
letting your day get spoiled.

#2 Make Feelings
If you’re feeling a little jealous, let your
partner know. If you feel like a certain
coworker or friend is getting way too close
for comfort, talk it out with your partner in
a calm way. Chances are they had no idea
that person was even bothering you.

#3 Don’t Get Mad

Jealousy and anger often go hand in hand.
Unfortunately, a bad temper can really turn
up the heat on jealous feelings and
insecurity. It will cloud your mind and cause
you to say or do things that you regret if
you’re not careful.

#4 Channel it Into
Something Positive
Jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s
okay to care so much for someone that you
want them to yourself. Just remember to
channel it into something positive like a
reminder that you are lucky to be with
them instead of a threat.

#5 Don’t Get Possessive
One of our natural instincts is to get
possessive of the things (or in this case,
people ) that we love. This may work with
an object but your partner is a living,
breathing person with feelings of their own.
They deserve your love and respect but
being possessive and demanding of them is
rude and painful.

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