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#OtvTIPS: How To Make Almond Butter In One Minute


If you love the idea of making your own
almond butter, but don’t have a clue how to
make it and lack patience, then look no
Here is a great post over at Curiousnut.com for
making your own almond butter in only ONE
MINUTE! It’s quick, simple, super cheap and
pretty much instant.


Read below:

#1: 99% of the people online say to use the
‘dry’ Vitamix container instead of the ‘wet’
container (difference in blades). The Vitamix
website mentioned only the container size and
not type.
#2: 100% of the videos online show almond
butter using Vitamix made in 1 minute for
roasted almonds and a couple minutes more for
raw almonds.


#3: About 50/50 on whether or not to add oil.
#4: The most confusing fact is whether to use
room temperature, warm, hot, soaked or frozen
I was sold on the fact that it would take me a
minute to make almond butter but was a lil
worried because I only had a 48oz wet container
instead of the dry one. I wasn’t ready to bury
the Vitamix yet. Also, I wasn’t sure whether to
use raw or roasted nuts. Nevertheless, I geared
up and took the plunge. I got myself a store
bought almond butter and never looked back….
I’m kidding!
Ok. I really took the plunge. Both the raw and
roasted nuts worked using the wet container.
Making almond butter using Vitamix was
probably the only reason why my first
homemade almond butter was a success. (Pats
own back for job well done).


Important notes:
1. Raw nuts do take longer than roasted ones.
2. The nuts have to be roasted well (like super
crunchy type) in order to make almond butter in
one minute, or they’ll take longer to turn to a
creamy consistency and you might even need to
add oil.
3. For perfectly roasted nuts, no oil is
needed and they turned out really creamy even
after refrigeration.
4. I don’t recommend using frozen nuts as they
tend to make the oils come out slower thereby
making the whole process slower and is taxing
to the Vitamix motor.
5. I don’t recommend using freshly toasted nuts
that are hot or even just warm to the touch as
blending would make them even hotter and may
cause the blender to overheat. Cool the
nuts first.
6. You can use sprouted almond nuts but either
roast them after or use a dehydrator to take the
moisture out.
7. The sky is the limit and you can combine
almond with other nuts or seeds or chocolate
to make your favorite butter.

Read the rest from the SOURCE PAGE!

Credits: herbsandoilworld.com and Curiousnut.com

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