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Yeah, I know you must be nervous on how to go about preparing for a pageant, you don’t have to worry because here are some things you should have in mind before gracing the audition ground:
1: Make sure you are not going there because you want to do what others are doing, go there because you know you have what it takes to win the pageant.
2: Prepare the dress or the dress code you are asked to wear on that day and please make sure it’s not too exposed because a beauty queen should also be a role model.
3:Make up your mind on the kind of hair to fix and please make sure it doesn’t cover your face; a pony-tail or a simple all back is preferable.
4: Learn how to smile from your heart because fake smile are easily noticed.
5: Pack the things that are listed for the audition inside your handbag a day before the audition so you won’t end up forgetting anything.
6: Apply light makeup and make it natural, don’t make it loud so you won’t end up scaring the judges away lol.
7:  Practice your sitting and standing posture well and a little of catwalk step
8: Be audible and bold when you answer questions asked by the judges and don’t fake your intonation.
9: Always have the confidence that you will win the pageant not just scale through the audition.
10: Learn how to properly introduce yourself when the judges ask you to.
11: Think positively and be friendly, don’t be proud.
12: Don’t compare yourself to other contestants and always have the assurance that you are the best.

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