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#OtvTIPS: How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months



Getting married is sure a roller coaster ride all the way,
but it doesn’t have to drag on and on till it becomes

You can actually plan a successful wedding in three
months – yes, THREE months!
How can you achieve this? Follow the simple tips below:

Get a wedding planner: A wedding planner helps take the stress off you, and gives you professional advice on how to go about planning your big day. All you have to do is tell her what you want your wedding day to look like, and you two can go through the process together with family and friends touching up the plans along the line. On the other hand, if you decide to plan the event yourself, you’ll be worn out in less than a month and you might end up being a miserable bride.

Know what you want from your wedding vendors: Rally round your caterers and photographer, and be sure to spell out what you want. Make sure everything stays within the confines of your budget. This is the part where you ditch what you want and stick to what you need, so you don’t go overboard with the spendings.

Forget seating plans: You can reserve seats for your immediate family and throught the rest of the reception open for everyone to seat as they please. This will save you months of drafting endless seating plans that still won’t work at the end of the day.

Go online: The Internet is your best friend at times like this. Go onPinterest, check wedding websites and bridal magazines for tips and ideas on how to plan your big day. Read up on other people’s experiences and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Planning your wedding with the Internet on your side is an easy way to save time and do things your way.

Enjoy the experience: Don’t forget to have a good time while you plan your journey into marital life. Sometimes you get so caught up in planning your wedding that you miss the fun and fail to savour the experience. This is something you won’t get to do again, so enjoy it and make it fun.

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