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#OtvTIPS: LADIES… 6 Ways To Avoid Your Boobs From Sagg



Your breasts are bound to lose a little bit of their lift as you age but you can always prevent early breast sagging at your young age. Most people will tell you that the best way to prevent sagging breasts is to wear a bra that properly and adequately fits while others will tell you that going bra less is the best way to go. Below are ways on how you can avoid premature breast sagging.

Avoid Smoking: Smoking too much has been connected to premature breast sagging. He skin on your chest is very delicate and it is therefore easily impacted by chemicals in cigarettes which destroy elastin which is necessary for a youthful and smooth skin texture. Put on a covering on your chest or something.

Put on the Correct Size Bra: make sure it fits correctly. Wrap a soft tape measure right under your breasts and horizontally round your back and that’s the size of your bra band. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest so it crosses high on your back and over the fullest part of your bra and round it off to the nearest whole number. Finally, subtract your band size from your bust measurement. That will be your cup size.

Consider the following factors- the cups should adequately hold your breasts. They should not spill out at the top or down at the bottom. The band should not be too loose and your breasts should not lie lower than they normally do. For swim suits, make sure they give the support you need.

Avoid UV rays- ultra violet rays from the sun can cause wrinkling and sagging in the breast area. Be sure to use sun block or simply cover your chest/cleavage.

Moisturize your breasts- when skin dries out, it becomes less supple. Therefore apply skin lotions or creams to keep the skin on the breast area supple.

Sudden losing and gaining weight- gaining weight obviously stretches the skin and therefore when you lose weight, the skin will not pull back automatically.

– Dennismaladit

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