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#OtvTips: Why is Your Project Failing?



Irrespective of whether you are a first timer
managing a small project with minimal risk or a
seasoned performer managing a complex
strategic initiative, every Project Manager wants
to know what could cause his or her project to
fail. While some may think these are factors
which can be controlled through issue
management, others may term this as managing
uncontrollable risks. There are no set rules for a
project to succeed, yet there are many variables
in a project which, if not properly managed, can
destine your project for failure. As a project
manager, your role should be to control such
Let’s start with project initiation. Unfortunately,
just initiating your project does not guarantee its
success. Nor does it assure that the processes
will become clear, the service will improve, or
the product will enjoy a higher degree of
customer satisfaction. Your project will always
operate in a variable environment with multiple
stakeholders having varied expectations from
the project outcome. You will need to
continuously measure, evaluate and manage
these expectations to keep them aligned with
the objective established for your project.
This leads us to the most critical, aspect of a
project – the project objective. Studies
conducted by the most of the global project
management institutes shows that 80% of
projects fail due to poorly defined objectives. As
a Project Manager, you must evaluate your
objectives continuously to make them SMART –
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Result oriented
and Time bounded. Clear objectives help in
keeping the team focused and stakeholders
certain on expectations from the project.
A common factor driving projects to the ‘road to
perdition’ is poorly defined scope – lack of clarity
on what’s in and what’s out. This is critical, as a
clear and precise scope helps to easily identify
and control changes and avoid any impact on
schedule and cost.
Today, most projects operate in a dynamic
environment where limited resources are
available. Unavailability or improper capacity
management of a project’s resources is…. Continue

This Article written by Sarvesh Lodha was originally published on Project Managers.net.

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