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Over 600 Boko Haram Members Slaughtered As Troops Repel Attack In Northern Nigeria


BREAKING report reaching us now from a reliable
source discloses that over 600 Boko Haram Members
have been killed in Gombe and Monguno town of
Borno state.
According to a Nairalander , the Nigerian Airforce
deployed more attacking helicopters into the
battlefield around Hina and Dadin Kowa in Yamaltu
Deba Local Government Area in Gombe state and
Monguno town in Borno state .
Soldiers and a fighter jet were used in a counter –
attack after Islamist fighters overran a checkpoint on
the edge of the city .
The insurgents were retreating towards their
stronghold in the neighbouring state of Borno ,
witnesses said .
And the result was the death of over 600 Members of
the islamic terror group.

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