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Patsy Ikechukwu On The Verge Of Effecting An Health Revolution in Africa


In May 2009, Patsy Ikechukwu discovered that she has been living with Cancer.
In her quest to free herself from the terrible pain and suffering the cancer drugs brought on her and the lifelong migraine she had suffered, she started to do research on cancer, diabetes, weight loss.
The aftermath of Mrs Patsy’s years of research in Europe and America helped to finally free her from the stronghold of Cancer and produced the powerful book, DEFEATING CANCER.
According to a highly respected American Performance Enhancement Specialist, Mrs Patsy’s book is very important to all who want to leave the matrix of medical delusionment and take full responsibility for their life, their health and their future.
Defeating Cancer, published in Africa by Emotion Press is now available on Konga.com and can also be bought in all major bookstores in Nigeria. For direct orders, you can call Misso 08067997741 or in Lagos call Promise 08050397446.
You can also mail the publishers at orders@omojojolo.com


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