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PDP has failed, will continue to fail – Tinubu



Former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has
commissioned a new 60-bed Specialist Hospital, built by the
Governor Adams Oshiomhole government, in Ewohinmi,
Esan South East Local Government area of Edo State,
complete with state-of-the-art equipment, 3-bedroom
doctors’ quarters and 2-bedroom Nurses’ quarters.
Speaking, Sunday, at the commissioning of the hospital
project which was first conceptualized but abandoned over
25 years ago, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who is also a national
leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said with the
commissioning of the hospital and other projects in the
state, Governor Oshiomhole has introduced infrastructural
development revolution to Edo state.
Tinubu said it is regrettable that the sixteen years of the rule
of the Peoples Democratic Party at the federal level has
been a colossal waste.
He said “what you have in Edo State is common sense
development revolution. Good security, employment,
potable water supply, agriculture, good road infrastructure,
vocational job to train and develop your mind and become
independent in life. That is common sense development
“The only way you can get it at the federal level is to have
the voter’s card and vote out the PDP. The sixteen years of
the Peoples Democratic Party did not produce anything.
They were here and they did not do roads to reach your
communities and they could not give you boreholes.
“We have spent six years now and six years of our arrival
with our broom, we have been sweeping the dirt away. We
say change from deceit; change from lies; change from
excuses. Today the country is in darkness because of the
deception of the PDP. When you pay a policeman, pittance
how do you expect him not to take bribe?
“We have built new hospitals and schools in six years. If you
want continuity of this development, go and collect your
voter’s card and vote for APC. You want water to flow; you
want good roads; you want potable water supply, then vote
for APC.
“The reward for hard work is more work. So as the APC is
doing well in Edo state, you expect more work. You must
vote for more work and more facilities. Democracy is not a
spectator’s game. If you have no card, go and collect one
and vote against the PDP. There can be no running water if
you don’t vote for APC. The PDP has failed and they will
continue to fail”, he said.
Asiwaju Tinubu said “Glory be to God we now have a
government that build hospitals that would save lives;
emergency sections that would ensure that accident victims
are attended to; that premature babies would be taken care
of . Thank you Adams, thank you for leading a government
that works”.
In his remarks, Governor Adams Oshiomhole said the
hospital project is one of the dreams of this administration
to extend development to the rural communities.
He said “For us in Edo State, the fact of being rural does not
mean the people are inferior. Rural life is a function of
location and not of quality and consistent with the
commitment of our party to have an all inclusive
development, the one that seeks to make people feel the
impact of governance regardless of location, what you have
seen is a practical statement that this is possible beyond
“When I visited here in 2009, the previous government had
awarded it, in fact several governments after government
had awarded it and they were just using it to siphon money
in the name of the people of Ewohimi and the blocks they
were using were so bad. We had to demolish that foundation
and build a completely new hospital.
“His Royal Highness informed me that this project has been
on for over twenty five years and somehow they have given
up. I am happy that God has used us to translate this to
“We have built road connecting Ewohimi to other major
towns in Esan and shortly we shall be commissioning
On the poor power supply in the community, Oshiomhole
said “It is important for the people to know that as long as
the PDP is in power, the people would be out of power. So
whenever you have the opportunity, let the young and old
know that the problem of power supply cannot be solved
unless the PDP is voted out of power.”
Asiwaju Tinubu had earlier, in Benin City, commissioned the
rebuilt 6-lane New Lagos road, complete with walkways and
street lights.

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