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Principal’s Secretary Leaves SS2 Student Blind After Slapping Her In the Face



Mrs Funke Fashina a secretary to the principal of
Bishop Phillips Academy, Ibadan Oyo State must be
blaming herself now for slapping a 14-year old
female SS2 student on the 29th of January, 2015 over
what she could have over looked. Iyanuoluwa Dahusi,
the victim was with two of her friends on this
particular day in school. According to her, they were
inside an unused room when they spotted their
teacher and wanted to greet her, on getting out, they
met with the principal’s secretary who asked what
they were doing in the room, and before they could e
xplain, she slapped them one after the other. Dahunsi didn’t
feel any unusual pain, but when she got home later that
they, trouble started, she began to feel a slight pain, then it
eloped, it became bigger and unbearable. She managed it
all through the weekend before her mother who had
blamed her for the slap followed her to school to tell the
principal about her daughter’s ordeal. The principal was
amazed, the eye didn’t look normal. So he advised her to
take her daughter to the hospital and that was how the
story began. Long story cut short, Mrs Fashina showed
little or no concern, and never contributed any money even
after bills from the hospital started coming in. When help
wasn’t coming and her parents couldn’t handle the matter,
they reported it at a police station. Mrs Fashina was later
arraigned in court and granted bail. The matter is still very
much on.


Her parents are however crying out that they
need more for her surgery at UCH, Ibadan, because it has
been hard getting help. She also wants Mrs Fashina to
confess if she used any charm on her daughter, because to
her it couldn’t have been an ordinary slap. Below is a
current photo of Dahunsi who says she can hardly see with
the said eye.


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