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Quantity surveyors want reduction of cost of building materials


President of Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of
Nigeria (QSRBN) Husaini A. Dikko has called on the
President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari to put in place
policies that will bring down the cost of construction in the
He said that the cost of construction in Nigeria is one of the
highest in the world, adding that construction projects in
Nigeria have become one of the bastions of corruption and
conduit pipes for siphoning away public funds.
“This is particularly prominent in roads, bridges and other
civil engineering infrastructure projects. Quantity
surveyors are always side-lined so that this can thrive. The
use of quantity surveyors on such projects will promote
Value-for-Money and efficient allocation and management
of our national resources,” he said.
Dikko said that the current envelop system of national
budgeting is inefficient and allows corruption to fester and
gives rooms for areas of need to be starved of fund.
“While some other areas are awash with fund which they do
not need and these unused funds ultimately go into
private pockets. Budgets should also capture funds which
ministries and MDA’s receive from foreign donors and
multi-lateral agencies to avoid instances where such funds
are not accounted to government. There should be realistic
and professional estimate for capital project before they
are included in the budget to prevent the current  practice of
wild guessing. Quantity surveyors are professionally
trained to  provide professionally realistic estimate of capital
projects for budgetary purposes.”
“There is a need to promote ethics in all areas of our
national life. This will discourage corrupt practices among
Nigerians. Ethics among professionals, employers,
employees, businessmen, traders and artisans should be an
important component of our societal ethics. On our part,
we shall ensure the promotion of professional ethics and
conduct among registered quantity surveyors,” he said.

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