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Raising the awareness of the Early Signs of Prostate Cancer


 Rob’s Story

    Robert aged 52 in Oct and my younger brother by 6 years, was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in October 2013, following a number of visits Rob made to his local GP to try and identify the cause of the mysterious growing list of aches & pains and weight loss he was increasingly suffering with.

    Rob was examined by a number of doctors (9 in total) in the 10 month period those visits took place and I without a shadow of doubt feel if doctors had started linking the signs and symptoms together sooner Rob’s prognosis could have been very different.

    The outlook is now very grim following an extremely rapid decline in his health over a period of 3 weeks. Rob was finally taken to hospital for a checkup 11 days ago and released the same day, then rushed back in 7 days later after his health deteriorated further.

    Rob and his close family were given the devastating news early Sunday evening 29/6/14 that he has 4 to 6 weeks to live. Which, considering what Rob, his family and everyone else have been through already is a bit of a pisser after having only just come to terms and learning to live with the 18 months to 3 years life expectancy prognosis given by his GP’s.

    I feel certain that in the construction industry and lifetime career I’m sadly having to say goodbye to, that flags and more than a few eyebrows would started to have been raised if signs and symptoms and in this industry are called Risks & Hazards, weren’t carefully scrutinised, strictly monitored and recorded, to identify and recognise patterns and put to rights, then people would die. The NHS I feel would benefit from a bastardisation, for want of a better term and with myself with another serious bout of tourettes once more setting in.

    My goal is to highlight Rob’s story and with it a wish and hope that others will benefit from the mistakes that have been made in the crucial early recognition and identification of the signs & symptoms this disease generates in its attempt to kill you simply by putting 2 & 2 together and so that it becomes 2nd nature, a flag raiser.


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