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RCCG: Mad Man Disrupts Church Service As Members Scamper For Safety



IT was pandemonium when a ‘mad
man’ dressed and swaddled in multi-
coloured fabrics saun-tered in the
worship centre of Glory Chapel of the
Redeem-ed Christian Church of God,
RCCG, Agbelekale, Abule Egba, Lagos,
last Sunday sending choristers,
members of the church scampering
in every direction seeking safe haven.
The middle-aged man bran-dishing a
heavy stone in his right hand and a
tiny piece of freshly sawed piece of
wood from a nearby carpenter’s
workshop was said to have walked
out of the church almost immediately
but made a return bid, this time with
ferocious campaign just as the parish
pastor, Pastor Ladi Akinsanya was
telling the congregants about a
special guest minister.
The entry of the ‘mad man’
interrupted the announcement as
worshippers made for any and every
escape route out of the church.
Sensing the mood of the church, a
middle-aged man simply identified as
Baba Dominion was said to have
taken a bold step and grabbed the
‘mad man’ from behind creating an
opportunity for another to disarm
Pastor Akinsanya intervened at this
moment, screaming; “Praise the Lord,
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord” and
“Amen, Amen, Amen” interm-ittently
obviously trying to calm down the
congregation su-ggesting that the
“mad man”, as it turned out an
evangelical drama minister, was one
of the special guests expected to
minister at the service.
It took quite a while for me-mbers of
the church to settle down to listen to
the mini-stration of the “mad man”
who immediately capitalized on the
confusion to begin preaching, saying
“all sins are like mad men before God
and just you all were running from
me, so God Almighty will detest all
sins including female who
deliberately entice men via the
exposition of their bodies, on the last
He stressed the need for all those
who are called by the name of Jesus
to be prepared at all times, for the
trumpet might sound any moment,
stressing that only those who are
blameless will be raptured and will
reign with the Lord.
After the ministration, the outgoing
pastor in charge of RCCG Place of
Refuge Area, Pastor Kola Ajiboye who
had come to introduce his replace-
ment, Pastor Gbenga Adesan-ya to
the congregation, prayed for the
members and called on them to
cooperate with his replacement,
adding that it was imperative for him
to go so that Elisha would begin his

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