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From left: National Conference chairman
Justice Idris Kutigi, with secretary Mrs.
Valerie Azinge and assistant secretary Dr.
Akilu Indabawa, at the plenary session in
Abuja yesterday.

The statement credited to Justice Idris Kutigi,
Chairman of the ongoing National Conference, to
the effect that “the Northern delegates’ position
can’t change anything because they are in the
minority…if they like they can walk out and
boycott the conference” is a surprising
If indeed he made this statement as reported in
the media, it is not only shocking but disastrous.
For a man at this age, stature and reputation to
allow himself to be like a “robot” will surely go
down into the Guinness Book of Records as one
of the great wonders of our time.
Whatever is the motivation for this sudden turn
of events, and their eventual outcome would
surely define the twilight career of this former


President Goodluck Jonathan.

Chief Justice of Nigeria. Sooner or later when his
mission is either accomplished or not, posterity
may give him ample opportunity to reflect on
his utterance, and probably by then it would be
really, really too late.
Now that Kutigi has apparently been used to
achieve certain ends, the probability of him
being dumped is now very strong. It has
happened to so many like him before only that
the lessons are not often learnt. What he said
reminds one of the popular Hausa musician
Mamman Shata, when he sang “ Ga wani yayi
ilimi babu hankali; in ya tashi tiyata asiti sai ya
fede mutum bai hada shi ba”. Meaning there is
a man (doctor) who has knowledge, but when
he opens up a patient for an operation, he
cannot close him up again. What a tragedy!

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