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Read A Fan’s Open Letter To D’banj As He Marks His 10th Anniversary



Kokomaster’s 10th anniversary in the Nigerian music scen
is this year and it is surely well anticipated.
The event us scheduled to start in Lagos today with a part
to be hosted by Amercian model, Amber Rose.
One of Dbanj’s fans just wrote, who goes by the name -Sir
Rozlah, just wrote an open letter to the Kokomaster, praisi
him to the high heavens.
The fan in the open letter regards D’banj as Africa’s
greatest entertainer.
Read the letter below: –
To The KokoMaster,
Music is a difficult thing to define and individuals have
different meanings for this word. However, it is undeniable
that music is an art of some sort, a mixture of rhythm,
words and acoustics carried through the wind by the magi
of the moment in which it occurs. Some people redefine
music and by so doing, define an era by their uniqueness,
infectious charisma and undeniable passion for this art.
Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, is an enigma that defies all
attempts to completely define him. You have blazed a trail
in the annals of music on this continent and even beyond
throughout your scintillating career. It has been a journey o
ups and downs, breaking conventions and rewriting the
rules in your own style and giving people like me the
privilege of watching Africa’s Greatest Entertainer. Perhap
even more astounding is the ease with which you have kep
audiences on their feet, blowing their minds away with you
unique blend of vocal dexterity and life-based lyrics. Indee
it has been a decade of pure excellence, sheer class and
extravagant performances from the Koko Master.
Your rise to prominence is no accident and those who wer
privileged to listen to you play the harmonica can attest to
the hard work, dedication and sheer belief that has
catapulted you to the zenith of your profession today.
Asides from your undeniable contribution to the musical
industry in Nigeria, it is the impact you have made outside
the shores of this country and even the continent that
stands you out among your peers. From your maiden awa
at the 2005 Kora Awards to the well-deserved Best
Newcomer award bagged at the 2006 Channel O music
awards, it was obvious that the trajectory was only going u
from there. You kept on turning out hits despite the euphor
of past triumphs and the challenge of surpassing previous
accomplishments. It is only fitting that you have a trophy
cabinet littered with an avalanche of international,
continental and domestic honours to show for your laudabl
Moreover, your status as an outstanding entrepreneur is
matched only by your passion for youth development in
Africa. The Koko Foundation and the burgeoning ONE
campaign are just examples of your foray into the field of
selfless service. Every step you take is more than a
milestone, signing a lucrative deal with the trendy audio
company BeatByDre is more of pace setting as the First
African Ambassador of Apple. As Nigeria’s first United
Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace, you remain a beaco
of hope in this troubled period. There are many ways to
describe a man of excellence, a man of many parts, an
enigma worthy of adulation and genuine adulation. I stand
awe of your existence as a human being and all you have
achieved against the odds. It has been my greatest pleasu
to be one of your biggest fans and to dream that one day, I
can attain heights such as yours. You have proved that the
sun can be reached even if the stars seem closer. I want t
say thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness you
magic at close quarters. Other men it is said have seen th
angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.
As you celebrate your 10th Year Anniversary in the Music
Industry, may God Almighty make you greater as the well
your favour and grace shall not dry. You shall not fail, or
stumble, and may God grant and always replenish your
wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Welcome to anoth
decade of multiple greatness. God bless you D’banj.
Long Live DKM Media, Long Live DbanjRecords, Long Live
TeamDbanj, Long Live D’banj.
Yours Faithfully,
Dami’ Adenuga (DbanjKokoPikin)
@Sir_Rozlah [IG & Twitter]

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