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Read what Babangida has to say about Boko Haram



Following the bombing involving General
Mohammadu Buhari in Kaduna, his colleague,
former head of state General Ibrahim
Babangida has spoken out against the
growing insurgency by the Islamic terrorist
sect, Boko Haram
The former head of state released a statement
saying that the menace of the sect is
unacceptable and it must stop, while also
urging Nigerians to pray for the leaders as
they make efforts to arrest the escalating
issue of Boko Haram
He said, “To state the least, this bloodletting
must stop. This bloodletting has to stop. It is
callous and inhuman for anyone to goad this
country on the path of perfidy, a path that is
laid with landmines and bombs. This is totally
He also empathized with President Jonathan
and , saying, “Let me also condole with Mr.
President on this unfortunate incident and the
recurring decimal of insecurity and crime
against humanity that is fast polluting public
morality. We all must join hands with Mr.
President at this critical time of our national
history and democratic journey to proffer
solutions to this anti-development scenario
that is fast enveloping us.”
“Even as I sympathise with my colleague,
former president, General Mohammadu
Buhari, for escaping the bomber’s scalpel, I
also wish to condole with the families of those
who lost their lives in this attack. It is
frightening and calls for condemnation by all
well-meaning people of Nigeria. We all must
rise above partisanship in our condemnation
of this state of insecurity, as we all must be
united in our clear-cut resolve to finding
solutions to this hydra-headed situation we
find ourselves.
“I have sat back in my quiet retirement home
in Minna to ponder over what could be the
motivation for these several attacks, but I am
yet to find any explanation why Nigerians
would be killing fellow Nigerians. For those of
us who fought the civil war, our painful
sense of nostalgia still remains deep, as much
as our patriotic attitude towards this great
country, Nigeria. These wanton killings and
needless bloodletting have continued to retard
our growth and democratic journey, forcing
the system to improvise all manners of
mechanisms to arrest this descent to anarchy.
“The president and our governors need our
prayers at various stages of their leadership to
arrest this ugly trend. Nigeria of our dream is
one that provides opportunity for all
irrespective of our cultural and political
differences; a nation that comprises several
nation-states with abundant resources and
opportunities for our flourishing population.
We must, therefore, be resolute in our
collective reasoning and determination to
trudge on despite these obvious setbacks to
safely paddle the ship of state to a safe


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