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Release our members today, you will see Chibok girls tomorrow – Boko Haram tells FG


The Boko Haram sect has explained why it is
yet to release the abducted Chibok girls from
its den.
According to the group, they will only free the
schoolgirls when the federal government begins
to release its members in custody.
A man who described himself as a teacher/
scholar inside the Boko Haram camp on
Tuesday, July 8th gave this condition while
speaking with British Broadcasting Corporation
(BBC) World Radio Service.
The anonymous member of the sect claimed
further that Boko Haram does not carry out
indiscriminate attacks. According to the BBC
reporter, the teacher said the fighters targeted
its enemies, among them those who fight the
group and those who leak information about
their operations to the authorities.
Below is the text of the man’s direct speech on
the BBC:
“Yes we want the Nigerian government to
release our members. As our leader Abubakar
Shekau promised to the media, if today the
government releases our members, tomorrow
or the next day we promise you can see all of
them (the girls). We would release them
tomorrow or the next day.” he told BBC World
“I am telling you a fact, they are in a state of
amnesty. They don’t have a problem. Some of
them have beliefvedin Islam, some of them say
they would not convert to Islam but we didn’t
differentiate them, we treated them equally.
They are healthy, feeding and all. We didn’t
differentiate between them at all, because,
Allah commands us to treat them equally.
Some of them say they would not come back to
Islam, we asked them to stay, no problem.
There is no forcing in Islam but some of them
who are not Muslims are converting to Islam
but we are not differentiating them. If you see
them now, you would see that they don’t have
any problem”he said
“Under Islam, killing children and women is not
accepted you understand, but if they are
fighting you, then you must fight them but if
they are not fighting you, then it is not
accepted whether they are Muslims or non-
Muslims. Do not fight them, it is not accepted
but if you bomb somewhere or make arrests
somewhere, it will affect them but killing
children and women is not accepted.” He

_Faith Olaniran!

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