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We can sometimes be irrational in our line of thoughts as Nigerians when it comes to dissecting National issues. Because Nigerians think more from an emotive standpoint than from a LOGICAL point of view, we often have half-baked activists posing as new leaders of thought.

I have read and weighed the comments over Mrs Roli Bode-George’s appointment as the Director-General of NDLEA. While I was as surprised as many Nigerians were when I heard of the appointment, my surprise was not in anyway partisan or vengeful as many are expressing.

First, Mrs Roli George is the wife of a PDP Chieftain whom we all love to hate. Granted, the husband is known for being loquacious and speaks out of turn. I even don’t like his guts as I see him as one of the goons who has moved our country backwards.

But there are clear and present realities. In Politics, there is what is known as political patronage when a Political Principal takes a seat. Or don’t you know that? All the Political Parties in power do it. PDP, APC, APGA, etc. There are thousands of board appointments to be filled for party loyalists which are zoned and shared accordingly. As a Chieftain of PDP, Chief Bode George has his share. And he gave it to his wife. End of story. So, what is the hue and cry all about?

The question you should ask is if she is qualified to be the DG of NDLEA. As far as her educational credentials go, it seems she is. So?

Another funny argument I read is that Chief Bode-George is an ex-convict who was imprisoned for corruption and spent a couple of years in Kirikiri Jail. Those carrying out this argument are as myopic as the word itself. Legally, Chief George is not an ex-convict. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, cleared him of all charges and gave a wrongful conviction verdict against him a couple of years back. What this means is that he is as clean as a whistle. The Highest Court in Nigeria says he is clean. So, who are you to say he is corrupt? Just because you hate his guts?

And then, Mrs Roli Bode-George is appointed as Director-General. Not Chairman. There is a Chairman who is the head. Mrs George is just an administrative head. So, what is the hue and cry for?

Before anyone starts to say I am supporting them, and it may seem so too, let me state here that:

  1. I have no business with Roli or her husband in any capacity whatsoever.

  2. I don’t wish to in anyway whatsoever.

  3. I don’t like Chief Bode-George’s political adventures and I have a strong detestation for his style of politics as I would for any politician of his ilk.

But I chose to assess this appointment of Roli George from a logical perspective most of which I have stated here.

It also interests me that many of the commentators who flay Mrs George’s appointment are women. It is amusing to me that what one can gleam more from those kind of comments are not much of logical stream of arguments. It is more of
‘Chai! Roli don hammer and me I still dey here with my ikebe dey jonz’.

I am sorry but that is how it comes across.

And really, it will not be the first time Politicians give positions reserved to them to their wives or children. Mrs Josephine Anenih, Mrs Ahmadu Ali, Mr Chikelu and even Senator Mrs Remi Tinubu got positions, selective or elective through strong husband connections.

It is a sad culture of pillow-nepotism in Nigeria. But culture is rooted where there is quiet acceptance.

So, there is bloody nothing anyone can do about it.

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