Sharon Ossah: Of wasted opportunities and time.


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An adage goes, “a wise man leaves an inheritance for his children”. There are doors that open once in a lifetime and there are doors that have to be forced open ourselves, as there are many roads that lead no where, there are many opportunities that change the course of a man’s life forever for which it will be marked down for posterity. I have seen the hand of the clock freeze for some and I have seen time run so fast on some and sadly too, run out on some. While many grapple with the fear of the unknown, many take the plunge anyway damning the consequences but what resonates is the fact that Time waits for no one and that opportunity may never present itself in the same form.

It was Dr. Seuss who said “How did it get so late so soon?” and it was Mother Theresa who echoed the need to make the best use of time now, not yesterday’s time nor tomorrow’s time, but today’s. It is not an abnormal phenomenon to see a multitude of people whose lives took a downturn because they failed to realize this truth on time and do something about it. Failed relationships, crashed courses, broken homes, twisted minds, child-like adults, stunted career growth, no career pattern, small mentalities, backwardness and a host of issues or vices plaguing man today are a result of wasted opportunities and non-recognition of this gift called time.



Something happened to me a couple of years back and only this week did it resonate in me the many journeys I

should have continued, many courses I shouldn’t have quit, many bridges I shouldn’t have burnt and the ones I shouldn’t have built in the first place….It was an emotional reflection that brought about a positive resolve and this is why you need to read this. While in secondary school, I had this French teacher who made me fall in love with French but I got transferred to another school and so, while choosing my subjects, I had to choose French again just because I wanted to see how long I could do this, it was fair I gave it a try and this new teacher was even better than the first. It sparked something in me, I was proud that not only could I read it, I was getting to speak gradually.

Fast forward to after university, I had to take courses in Alliance Francais and after my service year, that was it

poof! No more French, it waned until I had no flair or passion for it. Some two years later I was face to face with the CEO of an oil company who came across my resume because I indicated that I had a basic knowledge of French and they were looking to hire asap……I goofed the test, I did. Presently, another opportunity presented itself, and I was ashamed at the fact that, this was repeating itself and it hitme hard, something needed to change….You get my drift by now don’t you?


All I’m saying in essence is, rather than beat yourself up for a situation you cannot fix or repeat, make a blessing out of it, change the storyline, let it turn out for your good in the end.

Are there doors looking dull and unattractive to you right now? They probably don’t have handles, smooth surfaces or a key to open it with. Ensure while pondering on how to get in, you do all you can not to make mistakes with the door.


Till next week Sunday!


_Sharon Ossah


Sharing is caring!

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