Shrinkage, Drooping & More: How Male S*x Organ Responds to Ageing in Unique Way


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There is no arguing the fact that as men age, the quality of s*x they can deliver not only reduces, but ageing also affects the shape and general health of the p*nis.

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Yes, p*nis health is a big deal when old age creeps in because, then, everything becomes new, though not in exactly pleasant way!
A urologist, Brian Steixner, who has worked on men’s down below for decades, provides insights into the progress or, more appropriately, regression, of manhood as old age inevitably creeps in.
• Drooping: Here, your hitherto round and robust scrotum will droop, even when you still manage to get and sustain erection! Don’t worry, though; be happy. It’s only due to the loss of muscle mass.
• Below-par sexual performance: This is clear enough. But urologists have described it as the heart attack of the penis. Good dietary habit, regular exercise and low weight can help a bit. But erectile dysfunction in old age is a part of long life.
• Permanent shrinkage: Once shrinking sets in — and there’s nothing you can do — it’s a continuous trend. The reason is simple, Steixner says. As you age, all your vibrant cells are gradually replaced by non-elastic fibres called collagen, which cause an overall diminished effect. The only way to help yourself is to ensure low body weight, which will give you penis length.
• Bending: Again, you’re helpless about this. Now, your years of sports and sexual activities are taking a toll on your penis, what with the scar tissues that have accumulated along the penis length. Bad news still, as you enter your 60s and 70s, your penis may assume a shape that looks like a question mark. Sorry. But that’s ageing in process!
• You need to screen for prostate cancer every two years if the first test is negative. Talk to you doctor about it.
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