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Skolopad on Valentine’s Day: A man booked me into a hotel & we had great sex


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Skolopad said she doesn't believe in love.
Skolopad said she doesn’t believe in love. 
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It may be Valentine’s Day but Skolopad has slammed any notion of romance saying that she doesn’t believe in love.

She said she is scared to fall in love because of jealous partners and slammed the notion of dedicating one day to show love to a partner.

TshisaLIVE spoke to Skolopad about her ideas around Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day: commercial hype or romantic?

Love should be practiced every day and not only on Valentine’s Day.

What is your worst Valentine’s ever?

When I don’t get a present or if I’m broke.

What is the best thing someone has done for you on Valentines?

Someone booked me into a posh hotel room and we had a great time and great sex.

What does love mean to you?

Love doesn’t exist to me. I’m scared to be in love because women are killed by their  jealous partners


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