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Summit: US to test Pres. Jonathan’s aides, other Africans for Ebola


There are reports that the US is planning to
screen a delegation from Nigeria and other
affected African countries billed to attend the
African/American Leaders Summit on Monday
August 4th in Washington DC, for exposure to
Ebola. According to Reuters, president Obama
said some African participants will be screened
because it’s important that they protect US
from the outbreak.
“Folks who are from these countries that
have even a marginal risk, or an
infinitesimal risk of having been exposed
in some fashion, we’re making sure we’re
doing screening.” Obama said.
According to Punch, President Jonathan is
among the African leaders expected to attend
the event and he will be going with his aides.
Even though there’s no Ebola outbreak in
Nigeria, a Liberian man died here from the
virus so president Jonathan’s aides will likely
be screened when they arrive the US
The presidents of two Ebola affected countries,
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Sierre Leone and
Ernest BaiKoroma of Liberia, have said they will
not be attending the summit. Continue…
Ebola has been blamed for some 729 deaths in
Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Dubai’s
Emirates Airlines has even suspended all flights
to Guinea over Ebola.
Meanwhile, above is how an American doctor
affected with Ebola arrived the US yesterday.
Dr Kent Brentley (pictured right), one of two US
doctors infected with the Ebola Virus arrived at
a university hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, which
is one of the four institutions in the US
equipped to handle such cases. He was flown
in from Liberia in a special medical plane. He
and another female doctor were in Liberia to
help combat Ebola when they contracted the
deadly disease. Same medical plane will return
to Liberia to pick up the other doctor.


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