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Take Money/Rice From Politicians But Vote According To Your Conscience- Clergy



In this interview, the President of the Nigerian Women in
Clergy, Nonnie Robertson has expresses serious fear over
the 2015 general election, saying that the election may turn
violent if current security issues are not addressed and the
election is not suspended.
What has your group, Women in Clergy been up to lately?
The period has been very busy for us locally and globally.
When you look at the things that have been happening in the
country, especially the killings and spilling of blood by the
Boko Haram insurgents and the non-release of the Chibok
girls, you will agree that the country is going through a
herculean time.
We are in crisis as a nation; whether you like it or not and as
a Christian organization, we have come to recognize that
this is not just about prayers as we have earnestly done, so
we decided to travel up north to access the situation
ourselves. With what we saw and heard, we discovered that
those of us in Abuja and those in the southern part of the
country don’t even know what is really going on.
Are you saying that government has not been handling the
Boko Haram insurgency right?
They may think they are handling it right, but the result they
are getting should tell them if they are handling it right or
not. In everything, the result tells. And in certain things, you
need to keep changing strategy.
You said earlier that we should for once leave politics aside;
does that mean that the problem is politically motivated?
My candid opinion is that it is both politically and religiously
motivated. But whatever it is, it is a wicked motivation; fight
whoever you want to fight and leave the innocent masses
out of it. Why kill the innocent? Why kill these little ones?
What have they done? What is going on? It really does not
make any sense.
The 2015 general elections are around the corner and one
constant slogan we have been hearing lately is change,
especially coming from the All Progressives Congress, APC;
is it change from PDP to APC the country needs at this
Almost all these people talking about change were once in
the PDP, almost all of them; so for me, it is no longer a party
thing. My prayer is that the right candidates who will do the
will of God should emerge.
What are your fears for the 2015 general elections?
My fears? I know the president is going to win the
presidential election because I prayed and a lot others have
prayed too. The sceptre has not been taken away from him,
but it is going to be very close and intense.
I don’t want to use the word fears but concerns; most of the
top politicians have moved their children abroad. Their
children are no longer here. I wish parents can talk to their
children so that they are not used as political thugs.
There are people who think the elections should be cancelled
for now because of the current wave of insecurity in the
country; do you subscribe to this?
I wish they can heed that call and cancel the elections
because there could be violence and there will be victims.
.What role is your organisation playing in all these?
We have been praying and fasting but as you know, faith
without work is dead. We are getting involved. We are
working with a lot of female aspirants, trying to encourage
and push them. The next thing is to embark on a mass
sensitisation project to tell Nigerians what is expected of
them. Votes will count this time around; so we will
encourage people to vote based on their individual
conviction. We will tell them to collect their money and rice if
they bring them, but vote your conscience.

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