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TERROR: Death toll from Boko Haram attack in Cameroon rises to 19, majority of victims were beheaded



Nineteen people were killed in Thursday night’s attack
on a Cameroonian village by Nigeria-based Boko
Haram militants, a security source said in an updated
toll, adding that most of the victims were beheaded,
AFP reports.
“The final toll from this attack is 19 dead, with a
majority of the victims decapitated,” a security source
said Saturday on condition of anonymity.
Security sources had previously said 10 civilians were
killed in the cross-border raid on the village of Bia in
Cameroon’s Far North region.
The attack comes after a regional military offensive —
which includes Cameroon — has claimed a string of
successes in their fightback against the Islamist
militants in Nigeria in recent weeks.
Bia, which borders Lake Chad, has been identified
previously by security forces as a recruiting ground for
Boko Haram militants.
The source speaking to AFP on Saturday said security
forces were slow to react to the raid on Bia, located in
an area with several military bases.
“We noted a late response by our forces,”, the source
“Many huts were burned down,” the source added.
Also during the night from Thursday to Friday, Boko
Haram Islamists attacked a Cameroon army position in
Amchide, on the border with Nigeria.
“They burned houses in Amchide, but without losses on
our side. The attack was repulsed. We don’t know yet
about casualties on the enemy side,” a security source
told AFP on Friday.
The insurgency by Boko Haram — which is seeking to
create a hardline Islamic state — has killed some
13,000 people in northeast Nigeria and sent 1.5 million
fleeing their homes since 2009.
The group had in recent months widened its attacks
into neighbouring nations, prompting Chad, Cameroon
and Niger to launch a joint offensive with the Nigerian
army, resulting in a series of rebel-held towns and
villages being recaptured in Nigeria’s northeast.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s perceived
inability to end the six-year insurgency was a factor in
his election defeat last month.
Nigerian President-elect Muhammadu Buhari has
vowed to rid the country of the “terror” of Boko Haram.

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