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The Apple iPad Air 2 is proof that tablets are dying



The new iPad comes with improved cameras! So what? I
will never be the sort of person who takes meaningful
photos with a tablet. If I’m somewhere amazingly
picturesque, there’s a good chance I’ll have my Canon
DSLR with me, and that takes far superior photos. And if
I need to take a casual snap of something, my phone’s
camera is all I need. People who take photos with an
iPad are special. Let’s say no more.
It’s faster! Yes, this is the one selling point that means
anything to me. I upgrade my PC on a regular basis in
the vague hope that one day I’ll have a system that can
keep up with me and do everything I want it to, so a
speedier tablet is something that appeals. But the weird
thing is, my iPad 4 never feels particularly slow. I’ve
never cursed or shouted “come on!” at it. It does
misbehave occasionally, forcing a reboot to teach it a
lesson, but that’s about it. If I switched to an iPad Air 2 I
would notice the difference I’m sure, but my iPad runs
all the apps I throw at it without issue, and of course it
runs the latest version of iOS, so I have nothing to lose
by not upgrading.
All that glitters ain’t gold
It’s available in gold! I shove my iPad in a case, so it
could be maroon and I wouldn’t know.
It’s got Touch ID! I like this feature on my iPhone, and I
can appreciate it on the iPad, but am I prepared to
spend £400+ to get it? Er… no.
So what was I hoping for? What would make me
upgrade? Storage. The iPad Air 2 comes in three storage
sizes – 16GB, which is essentially worthless (buy that
and you’ll regret it in a week), 64GB, which is the
minimum you’ll need, and 128GB, which is the one you
really want. If Apple had offered the 128GB model for a
lower price, and chucked in a tonne of iCloud storage,
and just for once added the option to upgrade the
internal storage in some way (a proprietary Apple
expansion card of sorts would be fine), then I’d have sat
up and listened. My iPad is always full, despite regularly
copying photos off of it and deleting apps. Storage could
have been the iPad Air 2’s killer feature. Not weight or
thickness. Who the hell cares about weight or thickness?
A better screen would have been welcome. Sure, the new
one is less reflective, but it offers the same 2048 x 1536
pixel resolution found on my iPad 4, the same 264ppi
count, and the same Retina display. I can’t complain
about my iPad screen, but a better one would be a
reason to upgrade. Read on..

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